Kawasaki Bike trip.

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    Does anybody have more information or a Englisch translation about the kwasaki bike trip in August?

    KAWASKI BIKE TRIP ตามหาบรรพบุรุษไทย เมืองสิบสองปันนา ประเทศจีน
    ตะลุย 3 ประเทศ
    เดินทาง 10-14 สิงหาคม 2555

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    Hi the trip is to Thailand-- Laos ---- and China for 5 days put together by Kawasaki Thailand.
  4. you can enter till 8 June if you want to travel with Kawasaki Bikes, Im going with Udomsak from Kawasaki Korat..
    sorry for the writing, thats all i could find...
    hope you are ok with this...
    regards pierre greenkawabird korat
    [email protected]
    Hello Brothers. ER6Thailand.com. It.
    I never dreamed of taking long bus rides across the country to me.
    It must have been. But several of the hurdles to get it right I will pass it. The country also.
    That the stay is over I lost a breakdown of the country has one assist and one hundred.
    Today, we have made ​​our dreams come true to me.

    The trip great.
    KAWASKI BIKE. TRIP by Thai ancestors. City, Jing Hong. China
    Dabble in three countries.
    Thailand - Laos - China
    Travel 10-14 August 2555.

    With travel across the country together. Shuttle service available. With leading expertise. Dan takes you through all the country
    Through the difficult and beautiful and fun. Accident insurance is high
    , all problems solved. Together with love. Enjoy an exhilarating ride with Kawasaki.
    Kawasaki bike Trip. By Thai ancestors. City, Jing Hong. China, Thailand - Laos - China travel 10-14 August 2555.
    At least 1 - Chiang Khong.
    17.00. Check with River site. Chiang Khong.
    19.00. Dinner.
    Day 2: Chiang Khong - Huay Sai - Luang Namtha - Xishuangbanna distance of 430 kilometers.
    7:00 eat breakfast 8:00. Leave through the border crossing of the caravan to ferry journey across the sand creek and the Lao. 10.30. Luang Namtha out to distances of 190 km is paved, but rough roads through mountain passes between the peoples and tribes of Laos. 12.00. Lunch box to show the borders of China, Laos, after the ceremony the two countries to travel to the city of Xishuangbanna State Park-lane expressway charge lately it. 18.00. Xishuangbanna to have dinner and stay at this 3 star hotel 20.00 free 3 day trip in Xishuangbanna. 06.30. Breakfast at hotel. The restaurant you go to the Park Forest. I watch you ride the tiger, lion walks. See the peacock pin down the mountain. The hundreds of peacocks that you watch the theater of the tribes. Shows such as Tai Lue. Akha tribe culture shows. Wedding ceremonies and demonstrations Akha tribe. 12.00. Lunch at local restaurant and then you go to the park's historic gardens, the curtains, the former Worthing. King of Kings Park, Tai Lue. And is the brother of King Kong has grown with the Bodhi tree. The white watch tower. The pagoda is a symbol of the city of Jing Hong Xishuangbanna. And architecture that blends with the forest owner, which he had built into the estuary. Then you go and visit the local shopping center, herbal tea and viewing I Lue. The city's most famous tea. 18.30. Dinner at a restaurant after you watch the show, the Finance minister in Varanasi. (The show is spectacular and the highlight of the city of Jing Hong, if someone does not show it as not to Xishuangbanna). 20.30 And free or back Star.

    Day 4 , The Panna - Lincoln Park - in descending order pa - Lue Cultural Village - in the yard of 170 km.
    07:00 Breakfast at hotel. The restaurant you go to cities in descending order for you to visit her house among the Tai Lue culture. Visit the village of Tai Lue live. Communication can be understood as saying. You worship the Buddha and for the prosperity of the Great Temple Sutthawas (Wat Edmonton) takes you over the life of the Tai Lue. Visit the City of Mulberry yard. On the way through the city of Bethlehem city, supporting the view and vision of the village of Tai Lue, who continued the tradition completely. I do not watch ER and viewing terraces tea plantation. 12.00. Lunch at My Lan. Food after you get the balm yard cool. The 3-star hotel to hotel and eat dinner

    Day 5, in Las - Huay Sai - Chiang Khong Distance 290 km.
    07.00 Breakfast at hotel 08:00. Return to the original. 12.00. Lunch at Sand Creek. Afternoon. Through a process of cross-border car into river in Laos and Thailand to Sue through the country. Then go back to living independently. Rate fee. Head of 12,800 baht (adults and 2 children). for third country motorcycle at 6,800 baht. Price includes a Chinese visa is a guide and car to Thailand and China. 3 nights’ accommodation, meals, according to the via pad on the back. For 3 countries border insurance with 1 million baht per person for inhalation through the bridge, the coordination of the Border Security Act, Laos, primarily China are not included. The fuel tax for all types of mini-bar charges. In addition to the tip guides the radio cb. Travel documents. 1. Passport and 2 copies 6 months before expiration. Two copies of vehicle registration. 3 photos, 2 inches each 2 leaves a white background. 4. Thai driving license, a copy of the second set. Note 1. Must be filed before 30 days. 2 This price does not include staff OT Thailand - Laos will go back on holiday -----. Sign Up. Kawasaki Rama 9. And Kawasaki bigbike dealers across the country closed up 8 of the 55 thread.
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    Thanks for the translation!!
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    If any one can find out the agent Kawa use for the China side.. That may be handy.

    Most of us are capable of getting through Laos and only need the help with getting in to China.
    Also, 5 days looks a bit rushed.. Personally I would want 1 week minimum in China.. not including Thailand / Laos section.

    I guess we can ask this question of K. Khampon at Rama 9.. He is always very helpful


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