Kawasaki D-tracker 250

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  1. D-tracker 250 with only 14000 kilos driven.
    Unrestricted fuel injection for more power
    Higher- taller handlebars for comfort.
    Leaving Thailand, need to sell or give to friend.
  2. Well this is a good place to find a buyer, but you need to give more detail. Sale price. Age. Condition,and preferably some pictures.

  3. I'm new here, I don't know this works, can't find "upload" picture link.

    The D-tracker is perfect- only 14000 kilos driven. I take care of it, I use engine oil for the chain- drain the old, put new in the engine.
    Price is 80000, bought new 160000
    Unrestricted fuel injection.

    Thanks for the reply...
  4. D-tracker 250 will need new registration July 24, to avoid burden of going to registration office I will sell cheap now- 80000 baht
    Original purchase price 160000
    [email protected]
  5. Where is the bike located? When is the best time to have a look at it? If you can't post any pics could you e-mail me some at [email protected]

  6. Photos of the bike from Adam

    300698=20112-klx (2).jpg




    More info
    1- original, very low- hard to reach handlebars and high above wheel fender.
    2- lowered fender, catches all water- more effective.
    3- new handlebars- higher very comfortable- no bending over.
    4- tool bag mounted under headlight, storage bag mounted behind seat- efficient
  7. The bike is in Nonthaburi, Bang Yai, highway 9 easy to see on map.
    Can be seen any day evenings and weekends any time.

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