Kawasaki D-Tracker 250cc For Sale.. (2011)

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  1. 8853 km
    Yoshi slip on exhaust
    Zeta hand guards.
    Zeta handle bars
    Ecu wiring mod done.
    Very clean bike.
    Big bike forces sale of small bike.
    Don't know how to put pics on here? I can e-mail to anyone who wants a look.
    Bike is in Petchaburi now also Bangkok sometimes.
    90,000 baht.
    Now have pics thanks to Marcel
  2. I guess nobody needs a D-Tracker.
  3. It looks like a nice bike Tony, but the ones that have been selling up here recently have been under 100K, probably because of the availability of the newer and cheaper Honda 250.
  4. Very nice bike but I priced a brand new Honda CRF250M, supermoto version of the CRF250L, in Hat Yai at 146,000 OTR and the salesman was willing to take 140,000 cash. So for an extra 20,000 baht, it seems to make more sense to get a brand new one.
    The Kawi dealer in Songkhla priced a brand new D-Tracker 250 at 156,000 OTR, and 150,000 if it was all cash. He's even willing to throw in a helmet. Nothing great, mind you, but it shows dealers are motivated to move product and Thai built Japanese bikes are good value when compared to prices in the West.
    Nevertheless, the D-Tracker for sale here seems like a well looked after, nicely modified bike. I'm sure it'll find a good home.
  5. Do they have extra's? The ones that are selling under 100k?
    Let's hope I sell it in Bangkok then......
  6. Nice looking bike with low km's & some decent extras!! This bike is definitely worth over 100k IMHO :happy2:

    Good luck with the sale.
  7. Sadly extras are not always a positive selling point. People in general like to customise to their taste not yours. I have seen people return bikes to stock and sell the extras separately. gl with ur sale
  8. Thanks Joel.
  9. Stock exhaust is [email protected]$t. I am sure like all people they want a grunt of there bike so you have a bit more of a chance of riding in Thailand and the mad van,taxi,truck drivers hear you before they see you. Might stay alive longer.......
  10. Nice looking bike and a fair price, but as others have mentioned, perhaps not the ideal time to sell what with all the rain and flooding a jet ski might be more in demand? ;)

    Out of curiosity, is that a genuine Yoshi pipe?

    Good luck with the sale!! :happy1:
  11. Yes it is genuine... D-tracker will be great for this rain and flooding. Hang on someone said it will never flood again.....
  12. Darn, I told them that I would pay 140K cash but no way, they wouldn't budge! Got only 1K knocked off, bought it for 145K, cheap insurance and taxes included.

    That was at the big dealership in the center close to Central. They threw in a nice jacket worth 2K. And cash was all they accepted.

    I wonder where you can get it for 140K?

    I agree with the above comments. The price is acceptable for a low-mileage bike with a Yoshi can. Maybe listing the prices of the other mods would be a good idea.

    Hang in there, it should be sold by Christmas! :)
  13. Had trouble working out how to contact you. I'm interested in the bike. Please SMS me on 0834246716 if you still want to sell it.
    Cheers John
  14. Tried to call you john. Got Thai voice saying something?...
    I have e-mailed you at green wanderer.
    My mobile is 0840176460
  15. Bike is now sold........
  16. Thanks Marcel. Not as much fun as I will have with my new bike.......lol
  17. What did you get? A 650 Honda?

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  18. Don't know what's going on with the old messages. I bought a new Kawasaki Z800.

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