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  1. bodisatwa

    bodisatwa Active Member

    I still want to sell my 2003 Kawasaki D-tracker.
    In 06 somebody snatched the oil from it (don´t ask me why) so i drove it without oil and the engine broke. I got a new engine on it in feb 07 and now it runs like a dream. The bike is in perfect condition with al the papers and reg. I got it in Maj 06 directly from Japan and i payed 130000 for it with registration and al that stuff.
    I want 100000 for it but if its sold quick we can talk about the price. The bike is on Koh Chang (Trat)
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  3. rich1968

    rich1968 Ol'Timer

    Any pics of the bike.... and has the book been changed to the new engine number? Was the replacement engine a re-conditioned one?You can email pic to [email [email protected]][email protected][/email] or call Rich on 0892380383
  4. bodisatwa

    bodisatwa Active Member

    The new engine nr is in the book and the engine was a brand new one. I will write down al the info about the bike next week when i come back to Trat. (Stay in sweden now) and i will also put out a pic or two.

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