Kawasaki dealer in Chiang Rai , and what visa needed to buy

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  1. Hello everyone , newbie here , joined today , but have browsing the forum for months. Planning in Dec, to spend a 6 months in Thailand riding the golden triangle are , with side trips to Laos of course .
    Anyone know the name or number of the Kawasaki dealer in Chiang Rai ? Was there last week , and they have a KLX 250 ,which is the bike I want to buy . Also,what visa would I need to buy a bike in Thailand ? Have a US passport , and will be coming from Europe in Dec .
    Thanks for all the help !!
  2. You should be fine with any valid visa and a letter confirming your address from immigration in Mae Sai, with that and a copy of your passport they'll be able to register the bike in your name. Don't have contact information for the CR dealer but it is owned by the same people who own the CM one and the email for there is [email protected] Have fun!
  3. Thanks for the info, leaving Bangkok tomorrow , for Europe for 2 weeks , ( will try and get visa there ), and than Back to the golden Triangle !!
    Anyone own or ride a KLX250 ? Thoughts ?
  4. There's a Kawasaki Big Bike dealer in Chiang Rai? Good to know!

    Can anyone post up their location and contact info? Perhaps in the Kawasaki thread?


  5. Chiangmai
    Sangchai Turakityanyont Co.,Ltd

    113 Changlor Road.,Tumbon Haiya,Muang Chiangmai, Chaingmai

    Tel : (053) 201 509-10, 270 381-2 Fax : (053) 201 510

    Open : Monday - Saturday ( 8.30 - 17.30 )


  6. Erm, we're talking about the new dealer in Chiang RAI mate. I think everyone knows where the dealer is in Chiang MAI ;)
  7. It opened a few months ago, fairly small and was originally told it would only sell/service bikes up to 250cc but I saw a Versys and a Vulcan in there last week and a mechanic from CM comes up every now and then to service bigger bikes. It is on the Super-Highway heading south, go through the lights at the King Mengrai statue and it is just before the big PTT gas station.
  8. Cool! Thanks for the info Stu! :happy1:

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