Kawasaki dealer in Udon Thani?

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  1. In the past month, I've noticed that the showroom has been cleared of all the bikes and there is massive interior renovations taking place. Went by again today, and things look the same.

    Does anyone know if Kawasaki left Udon?
  2. Ricohoc

    I have had my ninja service at Udon and i beleive that they are making a new show room for the Kawasaki side of their business
    My Wife took me bike for a service there last week and they are still a Kawasaki dealer so i guess that the reno is taking longer to finish as i was there 4 months ago and they were still building the show room

  3. I was in Kawasaki Udon today.
    The guy in charge told me he hopes to have his showroom open by November.
    It looks good from what they have done so far.
    I have always found Udon Kawasaki to be always helpful as they were again today and I will be very pleased when they open there new show room as I frequent Udon and this will be a welcome addition to the town.
  4. I appreciate the timely and accurate info, guys! Thanks very much!

    I am considering the purchase of a 2010 Vulcan 900 and wanted to make sure that there would still be a Kawasaki dealer for service and accessories! I will pop in there Monday or Tuesday and see what's up.

    Thanks again!
  5. A bit OT but I was driving today on the streets of Khon Kan city and saw that they are building a Kawasaki shop which by design looks like it is going to be a big-bike shop. Anyone knows about it?

    Chang Noi
  6. That would be welcome news, too!

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