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  1. This morning I rode in for a 12k service-check and wow am I surprised. First of all because the have a beautiful Kawasaki showroom .... with only 6 bikes (one Versys for Khun David) and nothing else as that 6 bikes. The all staff & service is at the Suzuki-scooter dealer next to it (that also sells the Honda CBR250).

    But I was more pleasant surprised by how my service-check was done .... I have never (in Thailand) seen my service-check done with the service-manual check-list. And the guy really checked all .... he even did a visual check of my tires, chain and all the lights. He found & fixed the problem with the rear-break-light-switch (I knew buy did not tell). Although they are a bit trying to sell you replacement of things that at a 12k service-check actually do not have to be changed I would recommend this dealer-ship.

    What more they actually have a could collection of jackets, helmets and boots. And other after-market parts. Weird though that that almost not show that they are selling them as they show them in their office (and having a empty showroom???).

    So the bike is riding fine again, lubed chain, new air-filter and 10w60 Agrippa motor-oil.

    Chang Noi
  2. Hi Changnoi... hopefully u can give us the location of the Kawasaki Dealer in Udon Thani... coz it will be most valued place for us to stop by to check our bike after entering Thai from Nong Khai before we depart back to Malaysia...
  3. As I am not from Udon Thani ..... but actually it is simple coming from the south and entering Udon Thani over Mittraphap road (route 2) you ride straight into Udon Thani and just before the first round-about at you right hand is the Kawasaki dealer. I think it is Thahan road.

    Chang Noi
  4. thanks bro... I think we can manage to locate the place with ur info... :)
  5. We manage to find the spot of the V service center in Udon Thani... it was easy to find... Thanks for the info again bro.. we stop by to repair our V ... Just to change the head lamp bulb.. but we get more then that .. the service is very much awesome ... It the best place to check your bike ....
  6. I need a 24 thousand k service and am on the road away from my usual Chiang Mai.
    Can any one recommend Kawasaki at Udon Thani to have a service done or get any work done on there bike.
    I was in there show room today and was very impressed with the merchandise they had so thought while I was here it may be a good place for a service as Chiang Mai has a big waiting list .
  7. Here's a map. Easy to find.

    Coming from Khon Kaen, head north on Hwy 2. It's on the right across the street from the university and before the first traffic circle.

  8. Hi there
    i have had a few sercices.done in Udon on both my old ninja 250 and also on my versys and have neverhad any problem at all. the service os always fast and of good quality so.if you are in the area i would drop by as there is never any booking or waiting time for the service

  9. Rico that is a great info map to find Kawasaki, well done. I can personnally recommend them as they have worked on my v Strom several times and nothing seems to bother them and they are cheap billers too.
  10. thanks guy for this port...We will be needing and oil & filter change when we get back from Sapa...


  11. The Kawasaki Dealer in Udon
    Yong Yontrakarn
    57/3-9 Thahan Road



    Showroom & small shop




    Customer service lounge - free coffee /magazines / computers / wifi.




    Spotless service centre


    & I must say the friendliest politest service I've come across in a long long time.

    I rocked up from Laos in search of a new rear tyre & brakes; & was warmly welcomed - straight into the service area - absolutely no waiting at all.
    An hour & a half later my bike was ready with an oil & filter change to boot.
    First class customer care & service. :thumbup:
    Make sure you click like on their Facebook page.

    they deserve it!

  12. Yes my exsperiance with them was the same very good.
    I needed some things done on my bike and they put it straight in there work bay and could not be more helpful I was so pleased with there service.
    A very nice shop I also bought my wife a jacket there.

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