Kawasaki Enduro Final Round 15 - 16 December 2012 at Bonanza Khao Yai!

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  1. Brilliant weekend with Kawasaki and Siam Enduro Club!

    Some pictures and videos in no particular order-

    The Siam Enduro Club instructors are a great bunch of guys- they love to joke and really make it fun to learn how to ride a dirt bike-

  2. Doh!

    The facilities at Bonanza Circuit are coming along- looks like the paddocks will be finished soon. My "pit crew" ;)

    Not as big a turn out as the last couple Kawasaki Enduro events I've attended. I think many were spending the weekend at the Race of Champions in Bangkok.

    Need to remember to keep my arms out, elbows bent and hold the bike with my knees. Practice practice!

    Must have punctured my tube when I put the new tire on, so had to replace that first thing on Saturday morning-

    My little guy wanted to get in on the action too-

    Practicing descending and ascending hills at an angle-
  3. Some of the guys were on road tires and Khun Nai was there with his tricked out D-Tracker with a race slick on the front and supercorsa on the rear!

    Here's part 1 of a sighting lap on the cross country course that the Siam Enduro Club set up- bit of everything!

    Part 2-
  4. Bunch of youngish kids on KSR 110's a road tires!
  5. Here's a longish vid of the one lap cross country race on Sunday afternoon-


    Managed to snag 5th place in the KLX250 race :)


    Another great weekend with Kawasaki and the Siam Enduro Club!
  6. Looks good! Great pictures and the videos look so exciting! Seems like the trails are good for mountain bikes too. Would love to try it out one day.

    Got my brand new KLX last month and have clocked 800kms of breaking-in. I hope with some practice I will be able to go for such events and some dirt fun. Still lots to be done besides getting my riding confidence back, like need to get the right mods and appropriate gear.


    One question Tony - How is the transportation taken care of ? I mean going to Bonanza ? Do we have to arrange ourselves ? Do the people organizing arrange ? Or we have to just ride it there ? Just wondering.

  7. Cheers!

    I'm a dirt novice too and these riding courses have been an invaluable learning opportunity as riding on dirt is totally different from road riding.

    Generally you have the option to ride to the event in a Kawasaki caravan, arrange your own transportation (I borrowed a friend's van this weekend so that I could take gf and baby) or you can drop your bike at Kawasaki Rama 9 and they'll put it on their big bike hauling truck and you can then drive to the event in air conditioned comfort.

    I don't mind riding to the events, but usually by the end of the weekend I'm sweaty and tired and the last thing I want to do is fight Sunday evening traffic back into Bangkok on a dirt bike that's geared for off road.

    Satonic and I have been hitting Bo Din (in Minburi) once or twice a week lately and it's a great place to practice and build confidence- please join us!

    Here's a vid from Bo Din taken last week:

    On Sunday afternoons there are usually a lot of mx, 4wd, trials and enduro guys playing at Bo Din.

    Happy Trails!

    Tony :happy1:
  8. Sure will! :mrgreen:

    Got the gloves and helmet, but still have to get the boots. Shall get in touch when I am ready.

  9. Oops forgot! Thanks for the info Tony. :)
  10. I still can't feel my ****! Was well worth a tiring ride there... What a brilliant weekend!

    A couple of days to recover and clean the bike and head back out to get it dirty again in a couple of days! :)

    Great pics & video Tony :)
  11. Some great pics on the Siam Enduro Club site.

    Wonderful to see some Thai girls who aren't afraid to get dirty!


    Still smiling!

  12. Cute chick on a dirt bike = 11 out of 10 :smile1:

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