Kawasaki Enduro Riding Course and Racing at Khao Khiao, Thailand October 27-28th

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  1. Fantastic enduro weekend at Khao Khiao, Chonburi with Team Green!
  2. We met up at Kawasaki HQ in Bangkok on Saturday morning-

    Breakfast at a restaurant across the street courtesy of Kawasaki, Thailand DukeGirl.gif

    Hit the starter button at 0800 for the ride down to Khao Khiao, Chonburi. Our destination:

    Good turnout- about 90 bikes in total-

    Saturday was a riding course hosted by the professional riders from Siam Enduro Club. I'm still a dirt bike noob and learned a ton this weekend.

    The focus this weekend was on how to ride in deep sand and in water. Challenging and fun!

    Beautiful day and very nice setting in the "Khao Khieo Camping and Green Resort"

    Awesome Thai lunch courtesy of Kawasaki, Thailand DukeGirl.gif

    Some nicely kitted bikes-
  3. Some videos from the riding course taught by the fun guys from Siam Enduro Club-

  4. Learning how to get a bogged down bike out of sand or mud the easy way :)

    Forget about trying to push or pull the bike out of mud or sand. It's exhausting and often futile. Just lay it over and the back wheel comes right up :happy2:
  5. In the afternoon we learned how to ride over submerged rocks- quite a challenge, and one where the added ground clearance of the KLX 250 gave me a distinct advantage over shorter bikes like the KLX125's and KLX150's. (While the added clearance was nice, the extra weight of the 250 proved to be a handicap in most other areas.)

    Finally, after the riding course was complete we had a chance to explore the course that the Siam Enduro Club had laid out for the next day's racing. I didn't get far before I got hopelessly stuck lol8.gif

    I didn't feel so bad though, because the pro riders struggled here too- no traction in the creek so very difficult to get enough momentum to get up the soft muddy bank-

    Most guys needed help getting up this river bank. I call this vid "Face Full of Dirt":


    Kawasaki catered a fantastic 6 course Thai dinner in the evening and I went down the road to find some beer friday.gif

    The huts at the resort were basic, but fine- after the days exercise, big meal and plenty of Beer Leo I slept like an angel naughty.gif
  6. Now that looks like fun! Thanks for sharing the pics.

    How do you find out about these events Tonybkk? If I was aware of that I would have loved to join in.

  7. Hey!

    I live about half way between Kawasaki Rama 9 and Kawasaki Real Motorsports on Ramkamhaeng so usually drop in to one or the other about once a week just to say hi and see what's new and what events are coming up.

    I meant to post this event on the forum ahead of time but dropped the ball- apologies for that.

    The other good place to check for upcoming events is the Thai-language dtrackerthailand forum: http://www.dtrackerthailand.com/board/mainpage.php

    Ride on!

    Tony :happy2:
  8. Woke up with a bit of a headache and some sore muscles from the previous day-

    Seems no one really wanted to wake up ;)

    The day started off nice and cool but the temperature climbed quickly. Sunday was a lot hotter than Saturday.

    Sunday is "Race Day" clap.gif

    Other than the open class race it's an amateur class event and there is no purse so it's really all about Thai-style fun aka SANOOK!

    First race is KSR110-

    Then came D-Tracker 125, KLX125, D-Tracker 150, KLX 150, Ladies Race, D-Tracker 250 and KLX 250.

    I raced in the KLX250 race and got my butt kicked :smile1: 4 grueling laps- clearly I need to work on my fitness and stamina as I was exhausted after just 3 laps. Kept on the tail of the last guy and thought maybe I could pass him when I lost it crossing the creek and crashed in deep sand. Picking the bike back up sapped the last of my strength. But I thought at least I could finish the race, but at the last obstacle my chain came off while trying to bash my way through some rocks so I ended up with a DNF :-( Out of a field of 16 only 9 made it to the finish. It was my first race on the KLX- Brilliant fun and what a challenge! Look forward to the next one!

    Last race was Open Class and was a lot of fun to watch-

    Here are some fun videos and pics from the Open Class racing mayhem naughty.gif

    Down the creek, over the rocks and under the bridge- watch your head!! :shock:
  9. Across the creek, through deep sand, then up some rocks-

    This was the spot where my chain came off on the last lap-
  10. The Open Class race was 5 laps. I know how exhausted I was after just 4 laps- you could see that fitness and endurance are critical in these events-
  11. Under the bridge and down the creek-
  12. Fun race with a lot of encouragement from the fans!

    The Siam Enduro Club guys were happy to lend a helping hand here and there-
  13. The guys at Real Motorsports did mention about such events to me when I was there for the KLX a few days ago. The guy who spoke to me was very friendly offered to introduce me to new people and regular events, which I find very enticing. He also mentioned that I could optionally pay a fee of 2000bht and go for a learner course. In all I found the atmosphere very welcoming.

    Compared to this, my experience with the CRF dealers wasn't very inspiring. The sales gals were just doing their jobs. When I asked them about such events they said, I would've had to search on the net.
  14. Thanks Tony, You must live close to me too then! I'm next to Red Baron.

    It's really cool that Kawasaki do things like this, and I'm quite surprised by how well organised and thought out things seem to be!

    So I'm guessing the only requirement is that you own a Kawasaki? I mean you don't have to be a member of any sort of group to join in?

    While searching the net for 'Kawasaki Enduro Course' I also came across a website named Siamenduroclub. I think this is a video of you actually if you don't mind me sharing! -

    Thanks again for sharing the photos.

  15. A few random pics- forgive the poor quality of my camera phone-


    A bunch of guys were unable to make it through 5 laps- here's one racer cooling his feet in the creek-

    Another exhausted competitor calling it quits-

    Other random shots-


    The spot where I lost my chain. Funny how flat this looks in a pic...

    Last lap! Go go go!!

    Exhausted racer stalls on the obstacle and gets hung up on a tree ;)

    Some scrapes and bruises but no serious injuries (ambulance and medical staff were present both days)- all smiles on the podium after a fun day of racing with Kawasaki and Siam Enduro Club Thailand-
  16. I think I have found the link on the dtrackerthai website. Shame I didn't see that before hand but I will check it out more often now!

  17. Yeah, Kawasaki, Thailand has always done a really impressive job organizing events and building the community. From rider courses, to charitable events, to races and tours they cover pretty much all the bases.

    And I think you mean maybe 200 Baht for a learners course, not 2000?

    The entire weekend enduro event which included professional instruction, 5 meals, lodging and racing with medical support for two days cost a whopping 250 baht!! :thumbup:

    Clearly Kawasaki aren't making money on these events, but they sure do promote the sport and gain loyal fans.

    Let the Good Times ROLL! KawasakiSmiley2.jpg
  18. Yep! That's it! I can't read Thai but run it through Google Translate and can more or less make it out.

    Hope to see you at future events!

    The weekend of November 10th there will be motard racing at the go cart track at BIRA Circuit. I believe these races are open to all makes.

    I believe the next Kawasaki MiniGP will take place at Bonanza Circuit on November 18th.

    Kawasaki KSR Endurance race at Bonanza (or BIRA?) on December 2nd. (Usually have races for other classes too).

    Kawasaki Enduro at Bonanza, Khao Yai on December 22nd-23rd.

    Please double check with your Kawasaki dealer to confirm these dates- I'm not 100% sure I got them right :)

    There's also a big Kawasaki camping trip in December where they expect around 300 bikes. Not sure if it coincides with the enduro weekend on the 22-23rd.
  19. The camping trip sounds interesting!

    Thanks for the dates, I will continue to check the Thai boards and if I find any further information I shall post it on this forum.

    I may head over to Bo Din one day this week, I reckon it must have (hopefully) dried out a bit by now.

    Hope to meet you for a ride soon!

  20. Tons of excellent professional quality pics on the Kawasaki Motors Thailand facebook page:


    Also the best place I've found so far for a schedule of all upcoming Kawasaki events in Thailand!
  21. Surfin' instead of workin' and just stumbled across some great videos of the Kawasaki Enduro Round 5 event-

  22. One more :)

    Let the Good Times ROLL! :happy2:
  23. Kawasaki is headed to Khao Kiao again this weekend for another enduro riding course on Saturday and racing on Sunday!

    Here's the schedule, translated from Thai- (original here: Kawasaki Enduro Course)

    Oct. 26, 2556.
    06.00 General simultaneously at Kawasaki Rama 9 with breakfast.
    7:00 pm Departure to Airport. His green
    fleet arrival at 08.30.
    10:30 am start practicing driving style. Affecting Carolina.
    12:00 pm Lunch Break.
    13:00 pm to practice driving (continued).
    16.30 Finish Activity coach
    18.00 supper together on Oct. 27, 2556. 07.00 breakfast 09.00 from Activity. contest 09.30 candidate contested. 10:00 AM By contrast, the version of Random. 10.30 for the model D-Tracker 125/150. 11.00 for the model D-Tracker 250. 11.30 am the model KLX-125/150. 12.00 North. . lunch. 13.00 The model KLX-250. 13:30 am Open Competition Model. two p.m. at trophy ceremony.15:00 am flight back to Bangkok accommodation. "He was green camping & Green Resort". values ​​of each 250 baht house, 1 bedroom, for 4 people members are to stay with Kawasaki.paid him 250 baht from today to February 24. October 2556 here. transfer.7382367205. Farmers Bank Thailand. Siam Paragon. account name in Chennai, gold lion or paid in cash at Kawasaki Rama 9. transfer to notice them. numbered consecutively. 084-360-8309.

    Wow, that's hard to read... Anyway, 250 baht gets you instruction, food, lodging (4 ppl to a room, dorm style) and racing on Sunday! Heck of a deal. Booze is on your own dime tho beerchug

    If you want to ride down with the caravan meet at Kawasaki Rama 9 around 6 am for breakfast, then hit the road at 0700.

    Looking forward to a fun weekend with team green! See you there!! KawasakiSmiley2
  24. Cheers for the riveting stuff Tony :), when is the next course scheduled ? also do you know whether they have training up in Chiang mai ?
  25. Hi Jack,

    Not sure about Chiang Mai.. Give the Marketing Manager a ring at Rama 9.
    She speaks good English and will advise.

    The next Enduro is in December at Red Bull Park..
    Waiting on the details.. The marketing manager has my email details now
    So either Tony or myself can update here as and when we have the info.


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