Kawasaki Enduro Training and Racing at Bo Din, Minburi, Bangkok April 26-27

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  1. KawasakiEnduroApril2014.
    More details coming soon!
    Let the Good Times ROLL! KawasakiSmiley2
  2. Haha- good old Google Translate >.<

    Anyway, here are rough details for the weekend: (note, while they like you to sign up ahead of time, it's no problem to just show up)

    Saturday, 26 April 2557 (Training Day).

    7 o'clock am, with breakfast included. Center Kawasaki Rama 9. - 8:00 am departure for the caravans to the pond Min. - 09.00 Live demonstration and learn how driving. Enduro team Enduro Pattaya you Ole Opry. - 10:30 am The turnout. - 12:00 pm for lunch. - 13.00 Practice (continued). - 16.00 finished practice

    Sunday, 27 April 2557 (Fun Race Day. - Cross Country)
    race start ~ 10.00 KSR 110cc. - 10:30 a.m. at DTX 125cc. - eleven a.m. at DTX 250cc. - 12.00 pm Lunch - 13.00 KLX 125cc. - thirty past one p.m. PM KLX 250cc. - Open 14.00 am - 3 p.m. at the trophy ceremony - 16:00 pm Return

    * time in the tournament may have changed. anyone interested participants sign their posts at all. , please let me know that you will come out at the center. Kawasaki Rama 9 or to travel to another To meet at the iteration ...Ask for cooperation Please sign with my team to prepare drinks and food are here. further information, contact 0-2246-1510 per 545 or 092-271-6863.
  3. Despite the oppressive heat it was a good turnout at yesterday's Enduro training event :thumbup:

    I rode out on my Versys as the KLX is awaiting a new stator and I'm most grateful to Satonic and YY for letting me borrow their bikes :mrgreen:

    A nice mix of dirt bikes-

    Some random pictures in no particular order :)

    Kids and gf's came out too. Super hot but a good breeze and tolerable in the shade-



    A couple of my favorite Kawasaki people- Noom and Joy-





    It was so flippin hot that we took turns riding, the three of us with 2 bikes. That worked out quite well. Here comes YY!




    Gone! :lol-sign:

    YY still smiling! :mrgreen:

    I made it home absolutely knackered! Today was race day and forecast as the hottest day of the year; I couldn't bear to venture out in the mad heat again. Wonder how many people actually raced? It looked like a fun and challenging course!

    Thanks again Kawasaki, Thailand! :clap:

    Let the Good Times ROLL! KawasakiSmiley2

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