Kawasaki ER-6N vs Suzuki Gladius

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  1. Thanks for the link David, The little Ninja comes out quite well I think.
    Do we know if the Suzuki is actually being delivered in Thailand now, and if so at what price? In the review it was the more expensive bike. Interesting to know where Suzuki will place their product.

    Apologies if this info already available somewhere, but we do not have a Suzuki thread yet. Cheers, John
  2. John. I saw the Gladioli at the BKK motorshow. And i gotta say it isn't a patch on the Kawa looks whys(the suki is a bit gay hairdresser). and the build quality certainly didn't look 'Japanese'. I'm glad that Suzuki have entered the market. But why didn't they think about some different bikes. Rather than same,same.
  3. Hi John,
    Don't have a Heart Attack but the Price I was Quoted at the Motorshow for the Gladius was 450.000 Baht!!! :shock: Not much competition to the ER6 range!!! Still No Sign of any Suzuki Shops anywhere so not sure what is going on there as I was under the belief they were ready to go :? On a Good Point the quoted price for the GSX-R 750 was 700.000 Baht, Hayabusa 800.000 Baht. But also as thaicbr says How about some Creativity or Different Bikes??? DRZ or some Dirt Bikes etc!!! My Niece back in NZ who is pretty new to riding has a New Husqvarna while I have been Riding for 34 Years and am Stuck on a KLX250 :roll:
  4. Gotta agree. The Gladius is even uglier in person. I dont get what Suzuki had in mind here other than for a girls first bike. For my Suzuki money, you go SV650ABS all the way and for $300 US less money and 80 pounds lighter too.
  5. Gladius is girly and ugly ,the engine however based on SV650 is superb ,Suzuki build quality of chassis ?paint is suspect ,it performs well and is same price in UK as ER6 so if made in Thailand could sell for 250,000.
  6. Just had a look at SUZUKI's website for big bikes and now they are obviously down to 2 bikes namely the SV650 and the Hayabusa. So does that mean all the others didn't pass the tests or was it just another 'wish not to come true' like all the soapoperas on channels 3-11 ?? I'm gonna stick to the brands that make efforts to import or manufacture and sell biggies here in LOS. Others will just get the cold shoulder for dragging their feet such as Honda and Suzuki..............cheers, Franz
  7. Think they had a technical glitch, all bikes are back again on their site but still, when will there be any action ? Cheers, Fr
  8. I've gotta agree...my SV650S has never given me a hint of trouble except for a self-destructing speedo sensor..the engine design and build is fantastic, so unless Suzuki cuts corners to cut costs, I'd expect the Gladius to have similar reliability and grunt. I guess I'm not metro enough to like its looks.
    I love V-twins, but I guess I'll be stuck with hiring a Kwaka when I come riding over there...
  9. My dealer friend in UK says that Suzuki are a bit disappointed at Gladius sales seems many people are put off by the look......thats why they are still keeping the SV650 going alongside it .
  10. Not a bad idea, his&her 650 Suzukis...

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