Kawasaki ER6-N or VERSYS

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  1. TJ and I are visiting Kawasaki.

    In my quest to get a Versys I wish to give some more marketing feedback later this week when I return. They offer ER6-N but not Versys.

    If giyen a choice of two bikes which would you prefer.





    I figure with a poll I can give some real statistical feedback
  2. Depends on where you ride...

    Thailand I would probably want the versys.. If I trusted other road users more and wasnt in the traffic of Phuket but back in the west the ER6N
  3. Hi Mike,

    I should say I don't like both and for me they are pale and poor creations of the Japanese Bike Industry.

    I don't think it would be adapted for LOS and are not enough dedicated.

    Before caring about what model to distribute I think we should lobby a bit more to make the big bikes accepted by Thai Traffic Authorities (driving on highway, respect...)
  4. TJ & Mike
    Can you please get me some contact details for Kawasaki Thailand.
    At the shop in Cnx I asked for a confirmed list & prices of bikes that would be coming & they said they don't know - not yet confirmed exactly what will be available despite what is in the Kawa big bike brochure.
  5. Of the two, the Versys would be ideally suited to Thailand. I've had exchanges with the dealer, but have not been encouraged to believe that either of the two would be available soon in Thailand, officially.

    Red Baron had once given me a quote on special importation of a Versys, but have not yet replied to a request for an update.

  6. David,

    Apologies for the delay. Tidavan Akaravaravong is the showroom manager. Her email is

    [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]

    The phone number is 02 247 7935 and the fax is 02 246 5516

    I have to say I am a bit disappointed 106 people read my post but only 5 bothered to vote.

    I am starting to wonder if this big bike showroom isn't just some PR bling. To show all the Kawasaki management's friends that they do in fact make larger bikes than 125cc.
  7. Probably affected by the same apathy you showed to my PM asking for details of your electric fencing.....

    BTW, I voted.

  8. Not Much Point in Replying as Kawasaki will be Giving you the ER6-N whether you like it or Not? Actually it is Faster and More Powerful than the Versys so can't be all bad :wink: Same as Yamaha when i have asked them 50 Times about the XT660??? All of the Dealers seem to Bringing in lots of Bikes except the ones which are Practical here and what We actually Want? :cry: At least we do have New Big Bikes to Buy unlike before now we just have to be Patient till we get what we want 8)
  9. Probably affected by the same apathy you showed to my PM asking for details of your electric fencing....
    Ah. Now we are mixing business with pleasure. :p

    But you have me thinking now. Most of my customers will tell you that I respond the same day. How long did I take for you? I can only remember one which was printed out by my secretary and then misplaced. I think that was, unfortunately, 1 week later. After I had been reminded.
  10. .


    That's the bit I don't understand. If I remeber the brochure TJ showed me they also plan to offer the ZX6. If one wanted a fast road bike then that would be the one not ER6-N.

    Nevermind when the time comes i get a Versys from Red Baron. At least there should be access to engine parts if needed.
  11. I think "mixing business with pleasure" is having your commercial website as your signature ;)

    You never replied to my enquiry. Still, got a big dog instead now - much more fun than a 'leccy fence :D


  12. Well you solved your problem that's the main thing but I am still confused / bemussed when you say I didn't reply. It was not through apathy that I have not. As I said I usually reply the same day. Obviously you slipped through the cracks. I looked through my emails and don't recognize anyone as Pikey. :)

    I do not stick my website as my signature to drum up business from GT-Riders. As it say it has to do with the internet and where and how many times the site appears. not how many if any respond or click on it. I don't pretend to understand the hows and whys just doing what my website designer tells me.
  13. The ER6 is selling like hotcakes in the UK ....but in the rest of Europe the Versys sells better ,both are sound machines at a budget price in Europe.
  14. The Kawasaki dealer in Chiang Mai just told me that the ER-6n will available January/February next year.
  15. I vote for the ER-6N and Kawasaki Thailand says it will be available in early '09 for less than 300,000฿ :D


    Let the Good Times Roll! 8)
  16. Of all the Kawa 600cc twins the Ninja looks the best! I met a guy who imported a new one from the US, he paid 200K THB for it and another 250K on top of that for shipping, customs, tax and licensing. -
    Interesting to see the pic of the green ER6 which looks plain silly and then the black one - I thought at first it was customized - WOW! That bike gets MY vote! The tank reminds me of the MT01. First thing I'd do is get me the black rear peg hardware, like on the green model...?
  17. Bro, i prefer versy rather then ern6,cos versy cost is 464000 bath and ern6 local
    assembly cost us only 290000 bath.performance vise versy is good including petrol consumsation.versy can used all road just changed the tyre. :D
  18. Ha ha! :p

    Indeed KZ- Kwaker Green just doesn't work for the ER-6N in my opinion, but in Black it looks awesome, like something out of a Japanese manga comic. Can't wait for them to go on sale in Thailand!!! :D
    Happy Trails 8)
  19. Another pic of the ER-6N in sexy black:

  20. The ER6 definitely looks better than the anal Versys, but reading the comparo the Versys seems to be the better bike... I installed a small screen on my VTR250 since at 120km/h my neck and arms are getting longer... even the CBR150 had better wind protection!
    If just the headlight cluster and the quarter fairing of the Versys wouldn't look so Hoover-like, it'd be my choice... maybe I'd tear it off and install a Fazer fairing instead...
  21. Because of it's unique looks, ER6n would be my choice too, would be a convenient bike for CNX & surrounding areas.........hmmmmm, let's see, early 2009 ? When do I get my bonus ? April ? That would be something...... :lol:
  22. Agree KZ- a windscreen would be very helpful for anyone doing long distance high speed touring.

    I found a couple of options with minimal searching-


    A pretty crazy design from Givi:


    Oh, and one more:


    Ride on! 8)
  23. The 2009 ER6n does not come in green, only black, white and a rusty colour. I do really think the black one looks the best of them, and it's probably a good tour bike and if the romour of 220k baht is correct it's a lot of value for the money in this country.

    Myself would consider it, but prefer a Beemer...
  24. Ho ho ho! What's a Beemer cost in the LOS? :(

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