Kawasaki ER6n ABS for sale

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  1. Singtoo Thai

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    Kawasaki ER6n ABS White


    Sorry guys, but this link only works with google chrome (that's because of 500px!), NOT with IE or Firefox! For photos please send email. Thank you!

    November 2013, 4’750 km

    New-price THB 272’000 (bigger dark windshield)

    No damage, no technical problems.

    Reason for selling: my new bike Honda NC750X DCT

    Service 1’000 km by Kawasaki Chiang Mai, next Inspection with 6’000 km
    Greenbook, Servicebook
    Insurance (Sticker & Licence Plate) till Nov. 22[sup]nd [/sup]2015

    Very Good condition – but:
    Little damage at backseat, size 1 cm (for photo please send email). Backseat can be replaced separately.

    Fix-Price now: THB 180’000

    For test riding please bring you passport (as a deposit).

    Location: Chiang Mai!

    If you are interested or for questions OR FOR PHOTOS please send me email to [email protected]

    Thank you!
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  3. DavidFL

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  4. Singtoo Thai

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    Thank you David ...... But actually was not a great help. I tried it in different ways but it did not work. Now I wrote the link directly in the post ....
  5. DavidFL

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    the link does not seem to work either.
    A google search for images Kawasaki-er6n-1-by-singtoo-thai, turns up nothing, so Im not sure where you've got the photos.
  6. Singtoo Thai

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    Thank you David ...... when I click on the link it works, but actually I wanted to post the photos in the posting. It seems that I am not clever enough to check your system here. So if members want to see the photos they must send me email .....
    By the way I upload my photos at www.500px.com, one of the biggest database for photos.

  7. Billy Baht

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    This is the bike. I bought a CBR250 from Singtoo and he sent me an email telling me he was selling his ER6n, in case I or a friend was interested. The attached pic was the one he sent me in the email. FYI.

    The CBR250 I bought from Singtoo was in excellent condition and well maintained. The papers were in order and Singtoo went with me to the Chiang Mai DLT to transfer ownership into my name. Smooth transaction!

    I sold the bike and left Thailand last November. I'm in Guatemala now.

  8. Singtoo Thai

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    the bike is sold!

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