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Discussion in 'Kawasaki Big Bikes Thailand' started by Sean, Apr 19, 2009.

  1. Sean

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    Hey Folks,
    One month ago, bought a set of engine slider from the Kawasaki dealer in Chiang Mai for 5,500 balt. On the way to BKK the left slider fell off who knows were? No sign on the bike as if someone knocked it over & picked it up.
    Apon return & removal, you can see in the pictures its cheap medal. Plus just a cheap single bolt mount.

    At present, Tony BKK sliders are on the bike w/ strong 3 & 2 lug mounts for 2,150 balt.
    The dealer at first said "they could do nothing" then called me back a hour later, asked for the old slider for 4,500 balt, 1000 short of the origanal price.
    For a view of other sliders locations refer to topic "Kawasaki ER6n for 225,000 balt page 4".

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  3. HTWoodson

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    I bought the sliders from Tony a few weeks back and crash tested them this morning! It was just a slow speed drop, but they worked exactly like they were supposed to, kept all the paint off the pavement, even the signal fairings. Best investment I've made so far!

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