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    ER6N 2013 with 30.000km.

    - Custom paint job: metallic green tank and front (also registered in green book)
    - Black powder coating (spring, footrests, hand rails, stay/step)
    - LED turn signals
    - LED back light with integrated turn signals
    - Turn signal relay (for normal signal speed)
    - Some stickers and covers

    - Pirelli Angle GT tires (2016)
    - New handle bar (imported from Germany) for a more relaxed ergonomic (the original angle is quite uncomfortable in the wrist for a longer ride)
    - MRA wind screen (perfect optic and much better riding as the wind is not blowing against your chest anymore)
    - Clutch and Brake levelers (imported from Germany), adjustable and foldable (don’t by cheap China levelers, if the material ages and get weak and they break when you have to brake you are in some bad trouble)
    - Raised the seat mechanics by around 10mm (easy to lower to original height again if preferred)
    - Custom seat build with different foam layers and a top layer of memory foam
    - Xenon Main light (and LED stand light), more light and white light also gives you a bit more respect from the cars driving around as the original yellowish light looks like a scooter
    - Crash pads at the engine and rear mount
    - LED spot light
    - Front and rear dash cam (parking option, takes pictures ever x minutes, normal operation starts with ignition, loop recording on SD card, accident detection, flagged videos will not be overwritten, main unit with TFT and GPS under the seat)

    - Tank bag
    - Saddle bag with custom made stainless steel holder (very easy and fast to mount)

    All together there are accessories and modifications for a total of 82.000 THB.
    In addition, you get a premium insurance till 2018 which is also worth over 10.000THB.

    Break fluid, cooling fluid, chain and the sprockets replaced 2016/2017
    Oil has been changed every 6.000km.

    I spend a lot of time to eliminate any source of vibration and noise, for this is added self-sticking foam to all areas (in a way it is not visible) where parts may touch each other.
    _DSC0020_Small.JPG _DSC0024_Small.JPG _DSC0034_Small.JPG Break. Color. Powder. Protect. Signal_Color. Wind.
  2. The bike got upgraded with a pair of additional LED spots and a dash cam system (front and rear camera with control unit and display under the seat).

    I can also offer the option to pass on some of the extras and reduce the price.
  3. Very interesting. What sort of dash can set up would that be.. I'm intrigued.. Please tell.
  4. It's the set B as below:
    Free shipping from Vsys C6 car black box dual lens full hd 720P motorcycle dvr camera, car camera support GPS and G sensor-in Car DVRs from Automobiles & Motorcycles on Aliexpress.com | Alibaba Group

    Not too complicate to install.
    I would recommend to add a fuse (at least I did it).
    Cables are long enough as each component has a short cable and an extension (the back camera I installed without the extension cable).
    Video quality is OK. Don't expect GoPro videos this is a set of two cams with main unit for 80USD. But in case of an accident you can share a video from the back and front with your and the 'enemy' insurance and this can help a lot (as the standard situation is that you as Farang did everything wrong ...).
    I am going to look into a way to change the mounting a bit. Right now I screwed it to the bike (found two positions where I was able tot use existing screws what I liked a lot) but it will make sense to uncouple the cameras from the bike with some rubber to minimize vibrations.
  5. For the additional light I used:
    2pcs 10W LED Work Light 12V 24V Car Auto SUV ATV 4WD AWD 4X4 Offroad LED Driving Fog Lamp Motorcycle Truck Headlight-in Car Light Assembly from Automobiles & Motorcycles on Aliexpress.com | Alibaba Group

    As I already installed and Xenon HID kit (which is connected with the original connector, so no modifications and 2 minutes to build back without any modifications left to the bike) I connected the LED Spot cables to the Xenon cables by soldering (I prefer soldered connections, they are permanent without any problems after 1 or two years). Added an additional fuse to keep everything safe and used the screws from the bike at the front fender (not the same screws, I used longer ones as the spots add a bit and I wanted the same screw length in the nut), secured the screws with Locktite and the cables got a shrink tube cover, mainly for the black look (cables are following existing cables so everything looks like it was designed to be done this way).
  6. Original parts available

    Also a modified exhaust is part of the deal, in case you want a little bit more sound.

    Then there are some additional parts like seat cover, locks, motorcycle cover, bulbs, license plate holder if you want to remove the tail (in combination with a back-light with integrated turn signal) and so on

    And some cleaning stuff 1f642.png:)
    Chain cleaner and brushes.


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  7. Tank bag, saddlebags with customer made stainless steel holder and pillion bag for free!!!

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  8. Raining season is coming to an end soon.
    Now with a great discount: only 150k !!!

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