Kawasaki Estrella Wanted 4 Doris

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  1. Riding around the Moat the other day we came across an Amazonian Blonde piloting an Estrella.
    In our brief conversation she said she had hired it from a shop near the Holiday Inn.
    Well a fruitless foray today asking for hire shops around the Holiday Inn drew a blank.

    1. If anyone knows of a hire shop with an Estrella, or, owns one so that
    SWMBO [She Who Must Be Obeyed] can have a test ride, I would be grateful?

    2. Also, if anyone knows of a good plated riding example 4 sale, I would be similarly obliged?

    3. Finally, has anybody any experience with this bike model?
    SWMBO/ aka THE Doris is keen on the idea of being a biking buddy and likes the shape!

    Appreciate feedback.

  2. Check out the two bike shops just East of Nawarat Bridge. I think I saw one there yesterday. No plates, but I think they will be able to get one.
  3. Thanks - will check it out.
    Do you know what price they were asking?
    BTW good meeting you last Friday.
    I'll look you up next time I'm in Mae Sot.
  4. Rhodie
    Thierry Dumont in Vientiane has a couple of Estrellas he rents out. He should be able to give you the run down on reliabilty etc. Contact [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
    Cheers, Noel
  5. No, sorry, I was looking for a trailie, so didn't ask.

    You'd better be quick, I will be here for another 6 weeks on the outside.
  6. I've seen the Estrella 250 and have to say it's beautiful looking retro bike. It looks like a restored oldie, and could look even better with a few personal changes. Too bad there are not more of them on the road, I would get one if I could afford a third bike. But the bike is not for the broad market; the look, and the fact that the long-stroke engine puts out only 17 horses, the top speed is 120km/h, the weight fuelled-up is 150kg, makes this bike a ride for enthusiasts. In today's fast world people prefer the Ninja 250 or the VTR 250 who put out well over 30 horses. Or a KLR or a Tracker. Still I wish there were more people out there who say: "I like the looks and what the bike can do is enough for me" so I can see more good-looking bikes on the road - especially with blond female riders...
  7. Joe at Nippon Bikes in South Pattaya (Under the bridges on third road) has at least 4 used Estrellas in stock, all in different condition and newly arrived from Japan. No plates on them now but I am sure Joe can arrange them registered.

    Estrella is a good Retrobike but not very powerful. Probably a good intro bike. No known mechanical problems.

  8. I'd be seriously interested in a 400cc version...
  9. Hey!

    I think you met me riding around the moat...

    I bought the bike from Vic Bike; it's not a rental... They usually have some big choppers for sale there, but no more Estrellas. I might know where you can find one, if you're still interested.

  10. Welcome Kat to the surreal GTR clan!

    That would be great - I did find a couple of places just over the Narawat Bridge.
    One was asking silly money for an old model.
    The other was more sensible and said he could source one out of BKK.
    I'll PM you when I'm next in CNX.

  11. Hi Kat, congrats on your taste for bikes, the Estrella sure is a good-looking bike! How many km have you ridden it already? Maybe you could tell us what you like about it and what not? Is this your first bike?
  12. Kat's bike



  13. B-L-A-S-T :evil:

    And, I had hoped to talk SWMBO into a D-Tracker.

    Those pictures will just say "Penelope Pitstop"
  14. The seat height on the D-Tracker doesn't work for a lot of people...
  15. It works for me... :D
    Where there's a will.. there is sometimes a way.
    :idea: Plus, what are platforms for???
  16. Here's a great site with all Estrella models and lots of interesting pix:
    Seems like Kat's bike is one of the earlier models with a disc brake, a BJ250B, made from 92-99. Later they were changed to drum!
  17. Thanks KZ, it is my first real bike... I had some dirt bikes when I was growing up, but rented a Mio when I first moved to CM.

    I'm not sure how many kms I've driven it... the odometer/spedometer/tachometer doesn't work. Ha.

    Anyway, I like it a lot; it's easy to drive (and park!!). I haven't had any real issues with it, and it's suprisingly good on gas. I think I paid 35o baht to drive to Pai, zoom around the city and outlying areas, and then back to CM.

    My bike *is* one of the earlier models (according to the serial # anyway). I love it!
  18. That's the most important thing, that you love it! And why not, you got yourself a goodlooking beginner's bike, which may just be all you need around here and could be happy with for years. Fast enough for longer trips, easy to putter around town and countryside with and light enough to maneuver it in the garage or park it. And it pobably suits you - what else is out there for a woman - the Ninja may be too "racy", the KLX may be too tall, a Virago 250 cruiser may not be your style - maybe a Honda 250 single cafe racer, but the Estrella has a better seating position.
    I'm sure you will remember your first bike fondly!
    The speedo may not work because of a broken (or missing) cable; it shouldn't be too difficult to find one that fits. I always like to know how fast I'm going, how many km I rode and how much gas is left in the tank.
  19. I saw these Estrellas for rent in Vientiane. If you can see a picture then I've successfully uploaded my first picture on this website!!!
    <img src=""
  20. WOW!! I've finally figured it out! - Let's try it again. Here's a pic where we're building a stainless steel system for my first VTR. The muffler I got from a car shop, massive and heavy, with baffle, sounds great! The whole system cost me only 4000 THB!
    <img src=""
  21. Since it's so much fun - here's a last one of my daughter and a cool V-Max.
    <img src=""

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