Kawasaki KLR 650 2008 model

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  1. Hi folks ,
    I am currently working in the USA and have severe withdrawel symthoms ( not having a bike ) . I am tempted to buy a new 2008 KLR 650 here in the US ( naked bike quoted at $5100).
    Does anyone have information on what a person should know , do/ donts etc and give a guiding hand to make a buy decision !!??
    Thanks for the help.

  2. If all you want is to buy a bike, then a KLR will sit in the garage as good as anything... now, if you actually want to ride it, we will need to know where, how, and doing what...

    I have an 06 KLR, and it does the job for me at a good price point... but I wouldn't want to tour long long distances on it on open road... for that you want a Vstrom or a GS... I wouldn't want to try and do lots of dirt work, for that you want a DR...

  3. I haven't ridden one but Dr, Gregory Frazer has one and is more than Happy with in. The 2008 model is much revised and a much better Bike than the earlier Models and has received some Great Reviews!!!
    http://www.kawasaki.com/Products/detail ... nt=details
    For myself unlike Bushpilot there wouldn't be anything to Consider, A second hand BMW Boat Anchor Versus a Brand New KLR650, easy Choice!!! Much lighter better Bike. There are loads of Extras available for these Bikes. Check out www.whitehorsegear.com and from Doctor G check out www.dual-star.com, and www.happy-trail.com to see what accessories you can get and their prices. I myself would Buy one if they were available here but Kawasaki claim No Plans to sell it yet as it is Not Fuel Injected although it is Made in Thailand and Sold in California!!!
    Hard to bet a KLR for Value for Money. That is just My View :wink:
    I almost forgot the Most Important Part. US$5100 is just over 150.000 Baht, You could get a Second Hand XR250 for that here without a Plate!!! We are at a Time in our Lives where Hopefully we have some Money to Spend on ourselves so Why not do it! You only Live once and then the Bike will always be there for you and you can always sell it later when you have had enough?
  4. double post
  5. It is all very much horses for courses...

    The GS650s have no where near the reliability of the bigger GSs... I would love one, but here in Aus they are double the price, and when getting approval from the Minister for Finance that was a big factor. I get about 400Km from a 30L tank, so they are a little thirsty, and they ride rough, being a thumper...

    They also depreciate quite a lot in the first year, which was why I decided to go for an 06 model with only 6000km on the clock... for $2000 less than new with a $1000 exhaust included... (all Aussie paesos)...

    Money not being a factor, I would take the GS, money being a big factor, the KLR... part of the calculations was that the difference between new and 6000km old was the cost of a trip to Thailand to go riding...

  6. Sorry for being Incorrect with the Info. I honestly thought the BMW was up over 200kgs??? Not sure where i got that from. Anyway You didn't have to agree with Him Daewoo. Us Colonials are supposed to Stick together, I will Deal with you on Anzac Day :twisted: Seriously i do apologise but would still rather have the New KLR :wink:
  7. Hey, I thought I was well and truly located on the fence...

  8. $5100 in the US = 158.000 Baht so Plus the Duty etc A New KLR650 would have to be around 300.000 Baht here which would still be a Good Deal considering the options and Competition? Unfortunately with the Unwillingness or Complete Refusal to Sell Big Dirt Bikes By all the Big Name Dealers seems like the BMW G series is our only Choice and i will be seriously Considering either the X-Country or X-Challenge towards the End of the Year!!! Even the Grey Importers who i asked to get a New Bike were less than Helpful and i am Still waiting for a Reply from Others??? Makes me wonder, they are either Making To Much Money already or are Just Plan Lazy C**** :roll: Weird?
  9. One option you might consider is the Kawa Versys. Unlike the GS650, it is a twin, not a single, and its layout is just about ideal for any riding you'd be doing other than Interstate. If it were sold in Thailand I'd have one now...
  10. The Kawasaki Versys is a nice little Bike but similar to my Triumph Tiger there is Nothing Off Road about it, Purely a Tar Bike. Tropical John was very impressed with them when He saw them at last years Moto GP in Malaysia!
  11. I looked at 'em in New York last year and was greatly impressed. You are right, it is not an offroad bike, but it is light enough to easily do dirt roads and single track out in the baan nok. My previous bikes were big twin HDs, so from that perspective the Versys is like a Scrambler!
  12. 460,000-ish special order from Red Baron.
  13. What I liked about the bike when I sat on it, I could get both feet flat on the ground. (Am 5'10")

    They sell the bike in Malaysia, but alas not over here

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