Kawasaki KlX 110 for sale


Jun 1, 2003
a great little beginners bike, always starts first kick, very easy to kick start, this bike is build like a tank, my daughter rode it for about 2 years only on week-ends or on free days. The bike can be ridden with clutch or without. That makes it the perfect learner's bike. For it's size it's got good power, shock and forks are awesome. the bike was bought 2008 in BKK, so it is either 2007 or 2008. I got the bill from Kawasaki Bangkok. This bike has never failed even a single time, very reliable. 3 month ago new piston was installed, so it will be good for another couple of years to go.

I will offer this bike at 35,000 THB to those interested and

(you I will also throw in another pit bike for free, as parts or for a project bike. Chinese Brand unknown. Bike ran always great but was standing for too long and is now in unknown condition. It needs a few things to get it running again.)