Kawasaki klx 250 for sale

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  1. one year old and crash free.
    9000+ kilometers.
    good bike.
    price 120 000 baht
    tel. 089 0130587 marko
  2. have you done any modifications on her, black box, gearing, exhaust ?
    how many of th 9K clicks where off road ?
    is it still on original tyres ?
    bert the bike may want to see photo of it !
  3. Bike is original with original tyres.
    new tyres will cost about 1200 baht/piece.
    i have not done any modifications because you will lose your guarantee if you do some.
    there is about 2000 km from off road.

  4. one thing more.
    bike is lokated in Chiang mai.
    How can i add picture?
    Please help me.
  5. Hi make69

    Try to have a look here:

    https://www.gt-rider.com/thailand-motorc ... t5866.html


    And though some (very few here) think there is no need for pics, if you REALLY expect to sell your bike, better to add 2 or 3 of them!..
    My future bike is not a standard "can of beans" I can get in any Big C...


    Good luck,

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