Kawasaki Klx150 In Luang Prabang

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  1. I own thai registered with papers 2014 klx150. Got denied at the dien bien phu border of vietnam. Looking for any info on getting in vietnam. If not possible, I will sell for 10000000 kip, in case their are any interested ears out there. Any info/help is appreciated. Currently in Luang Praabang.
  2. Pat
    Sad to say you can't just rock up to the border of Vietnam & ride in.
    You need approval first via a Vietnamese tour operator who gets your trio approved by the relevant authorities.
  3. I figured, thanks for your help. Trying to sell currently.
  4. Confirmation of the Vietnam entry difficulties

    Border Crossings

    Vietnam is now possible should you apply 3 months in advance & buy a package tour with a guides & back-up vehicle.)
    Rocking up at the border & asking politely does not work.
    Don’t believe me about no entry – then look here Mr Wheezy & Thao & Under 175cc to Vietnam Forget It.
    Or try these recommendations.

    You could contact the guys at Moto-Lao to see if they are interested in buying your bike.
  5. Has anyone actually gotten a bike in under the new rules&regulations?
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