Kawasaki KX250F and KX450F now available in Thailand!

Discussion in 'Kawasaki Big Bikes Thailand' started by TonyBKK, Feb 9, 2013.

  1. Was in Real Motorsports Kawasaki Dealer here in Bangkok last week and they had just received the KX250F and KX450F.

    Prices are 335k Baht for the 250 and 375k Baht for the 450. Shame they don't import the street legal version of the 450...
  2. Hey Tony.

    Would the KLX250 headlight, taillight, stickers, and number plate, fit on a 450? LOL

  3. here in pattaya no waiting


  4. Only 114,000 baht more than it retails for in the USA, I guess it costs a lot more to send to Thailand!
  5. Great Bike where can i buy the decent Greenbook? It seems to me like a freshly made Sushi Menu at the Fuji Restaurant you know those delicious looking ones at the Cupboard in Front of the entrance.
  6. These are race bikes, not road legal, but TiT, where there's a will there's a way ;)
  7. I think there is more to it than just trying to get a green book. Race bikes are set up for short races (around 25min) with maximum power and torque at fairly slow speeds. Of road bikes are geared very different and those engines have to last long trips.

    Taking a race bike and using it every day will probably result in a lot of maintenance.

    Let's hope that Kawa will start selling the KLX450R in Thailand. That would be a dream come true.
  8. Yes, agree completely, they only carry about a gallon of fuel and are clearly meant for the race track, not touring.

    KLX450R we might have to wait a while since it's still carb'd so won't pass Thai emissions, and it's made in Japan, not Thailand, so it would be quite expensive if imported.

    But I reckon a fuel injected KLR650 has to be coming sooner than later. While the KLR650 doesn't really do much for me, I know there are a lot of guys in Thailand who are very interested in this bike. It's made here and once Kawasaki updates it to fuel injection it will be easy to sell here.
    Seems the whole world is moving towards fuel injection and the KLR650 hasn't been updated in years.
  9. I wouldn't touch a KLR with a long barge pole: a friend bought one in Oz for touring. The engine rattles like a tractor (normal, apparently), two rear rims cracked in S America, eventually replaced with a steel rim and at about 100k the engine was so worn out it wasn't worth fixing, so he got a second hand engine put in. By contrast, my DR650, used and abused with minimal maintenance hasn't had any major problems. The engine has now done almost 200k and has only been opened at the top to fix 2 oil leaks.

  10. Red Barron has a 2013 KLR 650 for sale. Does that mean that the bike now is fuel injected...(or they found another way)?

  11. It's still carb'd and not plated yet, but TiT, where there's a will, there's a way! ;)
  12. I do like the bike but 518,000THB for (I believe 32hp) is THB 16,185/hp. LOL, those ratios belong to Harleys, not Kawas. :shifty:

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