Kawasaki Mini Gp Races At BRC On Saturday July 10th

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  1. The next Kawasaki Mini GP Races are going to take place this Saturday, July 10th at the Bangkok Racing Circuit (BRC).

    BRC is the little track behind the Seacon Square Mall on Srinakarin Road in Bangkok.

    The usual classes will race- KSR 110, 125 D-Tracker, 250 D-Tracker and Ninja 250R. For each class there will be a stock race and an open race. There be relay races too.

    JUST ANNOUNCED- 650cc Kawasaki One Make Race had just been added for ER6n and Ninja 650R! :happy5:

    See you there!

    Too bad I haven't received my 2009 ER6n yet- with some sticky tires that would be the cats meow on this track. Wonder if the Bridgestone Battleax BT021's on my Ninja 650R are up for this... :? Wish me luck! :mrgreen:

    Let the Good Times Roll!

  2. Woohoo! Good fun at the Kawasaki MiniGP! :mrgreen:

    Beautiful day for a race!

    Some nice ER6n's and Ninja 650Rs-

    I really like this ER6n- nicely done! :thumbup:

    Another look-

    The first 650cc race in Thailand? Hopefully one of many more to come!

    I like to go fast :happy5:

    Let the Good Times Roll!

  3. Nice turnout, perfect day, no rain and a nice breeze to keep things cool. Have to say that the BRC is definitely in need of some work- it's really better suited to smaller lighter bikes. Getting the 650R through the tight twisty sections was WORK! :yawn:

    A few more pics-
    Arrived nice and early to grab a good spot. Having the SSR van courtesy of Banana Boy was a GREAT help! (I have a topper on the back of my Vigo which makes it useless for hauling bikes in the back... Have to decide if I want to ditch the topper or buy a trailer... Or sell the Vigo and buy a HiAce... Hmmm... Still haven't received a clear answer on whether trailers are allowed on the motorway...) Anyway I digress ;)

    Lotsa nicely set up Ninja 250Rs-



    Some beautifully tricked out D-tracker 250s too but I didn't have my camera with me when I wandered down to the D-Tracker section. (Man was the whiskey flowing over there or what?!) :crazy:

    Future racers?

    I didn't even know that Khun Pui's lovely gf knows how to ride- Here she is with another podium finisher from the Ladies race-
    FYI- she is the Wheel Stripe Queen! If any of you want wheel stripes- she's got every color and can stripe your wheels quick and cheap. Easy on the eyes too :lolno:

    Some nice crashes including one KSR rider who ended up in the drink and taken out by ambulance... It didn't look like a very hard crash but apparently he was riding injured and the crash exacerbated an existing injury.

    One spectacular Ninja 250R high side resulted in this-
    Fortunately the rider was able to walk (limp) away... By the end of the day he could barely walk though and I'm sure he's in a world of pain today!

    I've got some good onboard vids from the 650cc race but YouTube is being difficult and the uploads keep failing... :huh: Will keep trying!

    Ride On!

  4. A couple of vids from the BRC. First is the warm up lap:
    [youtube:1zpd751g] /youtube:1zpd751g]

    Next is the 650cc fun race-
    [youtube:1zpd751g] /youtube:1zpd751g]

    Good fun! The 650R handled this gnarly little track well.

    That said it's true that the BRC is a disgrace and in terrible repair. Quite dangerous really. Great place to practice ones skills though- if you've never drifted a bike through a dirty corner or don't know what your limits are that little BRC track is the perfect place to practice and learn. At least if/when you come off you're not going to get run over by a truck or hit an obstacle. Worst case scenario is a high side and that can happen on any track.

    And with the terrible drainage at BRC you're almost guaranteed a wet muddy landing! :lol-sign:

    But despite all of that I had a great time with a really friendly and fun group of bikers- awesome attitudes all around.

    Oh- did I mention that the 650cc race was FREE as was food and drinks? The other races cost only 500 Baht/race. No track fees, member fees, nothing. That's crazy cheap, even on a crappy little track like the BRC. :clap:

    Bravo Kawasaki for putting together a very fun event on the only track in Bangkok.

    Hopefully the next one will be at BIRA or Nakhon Chaisiri or Kaeng Krachan, but if it's at the BRC again I'll still attend with a smile on my face.

    Happy Trails!

  5. Nice fotos Tony, I'm sure YOU enjoyed it very very much 555555. What did you all consume more petrol or alcohol hihihihi..........
    Sorry that obviously the track lining is in a bad condition, maybe they just wait and in a few years they can do MC races........ :D .
    Typical, one time investment and then nothing ever again, just look at many condo buildings..........same same everywhere......
    I'm just sorry that we don't have anything similar up here in or near CNX, but hey, let's do some investment..... :mrgreen:
    B.rgds, Franz
  6. Cheers Franz!

    No drinking for me! Last time I tried that I ended up muddy and with a bruised ego in Nan :lol-sign:

    Yes, it's a shame the owners of the BRC don't maintain the place. It's small, but with a little care it could be a great little track and they could charge more too if it was in better shape...

    According to Kawasaki there is a small track in or near Hang Dong where they will sponsor a MiniGP in November!

    Know anything about the track? I think it's a go cart track :mrgreen:

    See you SOON!

    Happy Trails!

  7. More pics from the 650 race at the Kawasaki MiniGP last weekend!

















    Let the Good Times ROLL!

  8. Yep Tony, this Go-Cart track is near my home and on the opposite side of my MooBahn on the CNX-Hang Dong Road, I consider that one too small for any biggie, but we still have a much bigger track..............Doi PhuKa 555555555555555................shall we invest in something like Bira I wonder............see you in about a week :mrgreen: :smile1: :lol: :clap: Franz
  9. Tony, absolutely fantastic stuff, this can only be the start of better things to come for the 650cc class, hopefully as you said at nakhon chaisri and other larger tracks. I now begin my search for a er6! I notice you are on the ninja650, did you not find a er6 in the end or was there a change of mind towards its fully faired cousin?
  10. Heh heh, well I hate to count my chickens before they're hatched, but if all goes well a familiar looking ER6n should be arriving at my local post office soon! :happy5:
    Thinking I'll buy an extra set of wheels from Kawasaki and keep track tires on one set and dualsport tires on the other.
    Still trying to find those damn Versys front forks - confirmed with a friend today that the Versys is now being assembled right here in THAILAND! They are still expecting to offer it in Thailand towards the end of the year. Wouldn't that be just AWESOME if it really happens?!
    WOOT! :take-that:

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