Kawasaki Thailand Events Calender 2013

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  1. Kawasaki Thailand Events Calender 2013!
    Let the Good Times ROLL! KawasakiSmiley2.jpg
  2. Tony, Any chance you can ask if malaysian owning kawasaki can participate esp. in the on-off track/tarmac training course? I'd love to do as many refesher as and when available...

    Cheers mate & MERRY CHRISTMAS & A Great 2013 to you & family.

    ~ Joko ~
  3. Nice one Tony..

    Getting the info in English has always been a pain.. usually find out through you what is going on at Kawa...

    Thanks for this.

  4. Dear Joko,

    Merry Christmas to you too!

    Yes, anyone with a Kawasaki is welcome to attend these Kawasaki events. (Heck, some folks even show up on other brands sometimes).
    There is usually a small fee, though actually, the last Kawasaki enduro event was completely free.
    Hope to see you at the next enduro event!
    Happy Trails!
  5. thanks for the info!! will definitely try to catch the big bike course upcountry in Feb... I am guessing UP stands for upcountry?
  6. That would be my guess but "up" is pretty big so you probably ought to confirm with Kawasaki Chiang Mai as I recall a recent riding course took place in Udon Thani :)
  7. Just got this from Kawasaki shop in Ubon as they finally have big bike shop in ubon and they are one part of the Bkk Kawa dealer as well
  8. Gentle reminder to all with Kawasaki's...

    Enduro this weekend in Ratchaburi..

    GTR will be represented by the 'Bangkok Weekend Warriors'
    We have quite a team now and growing, lots of pics and reports to follow for those that can't make it...

    Should be a blast.. Saturday training.. Sunday Enduro and heading back to the Big Mango at 3pm.

  9. Recovering from a sprained wrist so won't be able to race this weekend but I'll come out Sunday and try to get some decent pics of the action. See you there!
  10. oh gosh! it has been 1 year already is it not?...
  11. ^ Time flies when you're having fun!!

    i'll post a 2014 events calendar just as soon as I see one!

    happy Holidays!! :happy1:

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