Kawasaki Track Day at BIRA Circuit June 6th 2010

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  1. Sanook maak maak! :happy5:




    Lots of fun in the hot hot sun! :mrgreen:

    Happy Trails!

  2. Brave man Tony, riding with Number 13. Was it lucky or unlucky for you?
  3. Dear John, don't you know that "Danger" is my middle name? :lol-sign:

    A few more pictures. Here are the little D-tracker 125s we used for practice in the morning:

    Perfect little bikes for practicing emergency braking, figure 8's, tight u-turns, etc. Feather light and if you drop them they're impossible to break.

    Here's the big Kawasaki truck used to ship down all the D-trackers as well as our personal bikes:

    Khun Ho (Ho Racing) and Khun Chan (Kawasaki) Teaching some basics in the classroom:

    Some of the bikes-


    I've never seen a Red Ninja 250R in Thailand. It's supposed to be a US-only color but seems like someone was able to sneak some fairings out of the factory :wink:

    Let the Good Times ROLL! :happy5:
  4. Video! (check out the near crash of the ZX6R at the end) :mrgreen:
    [youtube:3tgw9m7a] /youtube:3tgw9m7a]

    More to come!

  5. Hi Tony

    Nice clip BUT, why no one took that cone away from the track even they stood so close by,,, that muct be distraction,,

    Near crash,, nice but ABS worked nicely,,,, correct me if i'm wrong,, i have heard that if ne runst to loose sand, instance to stop or slow down, one should increase the speed and so increase possibility to stay up,,
    Im sure Harrythe fin and all the Other offroad guys can give more light on that subject,,,i just have big ears,,so i hear so many things..lol

    maybe i should try cornering in there with my buss,,or maybe not,,,...
  6. Cheers Marco- the cones were out there to show people the proper lines through the corners and chicane. Quite helpful really.

    The ZX6R that went off the track has no ABS. The rider is an up and coming professional who races competitively. Don't know if he was just trying to show off or what but I thought he was being a bit reckless considering all the newbs on the track... :take-that:

    A track is an excellent place to practice your skills in a safe and controlled environment. Bard took his Harley Davidson to the track so why not a Panzer Wagon? :happy3:

    Ride On!

  7. Ninja 650R Arrow Exhaust Drive By at BIRA Circuit
    [youtube:y43bbc7g] /youtube:y43bbc7g]
    WOOT! :mrgreen:

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