Kawasaki Versys 2012 3500km as new for Sale

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  1. niko13

    niko13 Active Member

    Kawasaki Versys 650, Yellow Black
    Year : 2012 : First Registered February 12
    Owner : Expat
    Used : One 10 day trip round the North of Thailand.
    Stored : In closed garage, Kalasin (battery disconnected).
    Service : Serviced at Kawasaki BKK for the 1000 Km.
    Add On's :
    1. Two Brothers exhaust (additional HP and torque at low rev's) Amazing eprformance and sound. Purchased in the US - 620 USD
    2. Touring bags mounted on SS frame, (hard bags with cover - Made in Germany). Purchase Price : 25,000 Baht (from Kawasaki)
    3. Large windshield, Fitted by kawasaki
    Insurance : Insurance till Feb 2013 - 12,000 Baht

    Pricing :
    Bike with Accesories : 290,000 Baht

    Options :
    Shoei Helmet - Qty 2 - Size medium (used for 10 days only) - 6000 Baht each
    Dainese All Weather Jackets : Qty 2 - Seze Small and Large - 6000 Baht Each
    Trousers - Dainese - Size 34, Price : 4000 Baht

    Contact - Nikolas [email protected]

    The Bike can be brought to BKK for serious buyers :
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  3. Grubman

    Grubman Ol'Timer

    Hi Nickolas

    very nice bike and wish you the best for the sale, by chance did you have thebike stored in the kawasaki dealer in Udon as i seen one there a couple of weeks ago that looked the same if it is s beautiful bike and will make someone very happy sll the best
  4. niko13

    niko13 Active Member

    Hi Grubman,
    No the bike has been in my house in Kalasin since late Feb and I am in Shanghai... so probably another bike.
    Thank you for your comments... it is a great bike, probably one of the best rides I have had...
    The problem is that I also have 3 Ducatis and I am selling the Kawa in anticipation of either bringing one of my Ducatis from UAE, or purchasing the Versys 1000, or if Ducati come down to their senses get a Multistrada in Thailand... I ride the new Multistrada in Dubai and its a dream to ride... Maybe overpowered for Thailand.. not so sure...

    Take good care and ride safe...
  5. Ian Bungy

    Ian Bungy Ol'Timer

    Ducati already Sell the Multistrada in Thailand. There are a lot of them on the Road! No Versys 1000 is for Sale yet. Bringing a Bike in to Thailand from another country is only Possible on a Temporary Import and You have to be on a Tourist Visa! If You want to Import it Permanently and Legally You will Have a lot of Work and a Major Headache to deal with! Better to just Buy whatever is available New here! Good Luck.
  6. niko13

    niko13 Active Member

    Thanks Ian,
    The MS sells for 1.25 Million Baht in BKK and I bought mine for 600,000 baht in UAE... It just seems crazy that the same bike is so much more epensive..
    The Versys 1000 is due to come to Thailand January 13, and it will sell for 700K... with 120HP and the Z1000 engine tuned for the low rev torque , a good exhaust it will be a great value for money... enough power for the straights and torque agility for the North... I just find the 650 little underpowered at the long straights, especially after being used to the MS..
    Somehow I cant justify a Multistrada at that price... as much as I adore the bike and frankly I think its one of the best ever (especially having owned the GS 1200 for 2 tears/years).
  7. TonyBKK

    TonyBKK Ol'Timer

    Good luck with the sale!

    Sorry for a little off topic comment-

    I ask the marketing folks at Kawasaki HW in Bangkok every time I see them if they're going to bring the Versys 1000 to Thailand, and so far the reply has consistently been no...

    Asked the Japanese GM as well when I saw him at the recent Kawasaki MiniGP and he said there are no plans to import the Versys 1000 to Thailand yet... (It's not even sold in the US yet).

    The next model scheduled for release in Thailand is the ZX14R (ZZR1400) which was on display at the Bangkok Motor Show and should arrive in early 2013.

    Of course, everything is subject to change. Personally I think the Versys 1000 would be a great bike for Thailand. The "poor man's Multistrada" ;)

    Powered by the fantastic Z1000 engine, but with gobs of tech goodies including power modes, traction control, and Kawasaki's top of the line adjustable ABS the Versys 1000 looks like it should compete well against the Ducati Multistrada, but at a much lower price.
  8. FrankT

    FrankT Ol'Timer

    The ZZR1400 coming to Thailand, really?! Any price indications? Would be sweet to have the fastest accelarating bike in the world in the garage... :)
  9. TonyBKK

    TonyBKK Ol'Timer

    Well, TiT, nothing's guaranteed, but Kawasaki had the mighty ZX14R (ZZR1400) on display at the Bangkok Motor Show with a price tag of 799k Baht (which is a good deal cheaper than the slower fugly Suzuki Hayabusa).

    Anticipated launch in Thailand early 2013. Current model is the fastest most powerful street legal motorcycle on the planet- WOOT!

    Let the Good Times ROLL!
  10. niko13

    niko13 Active Member

    Hi Tony...
    Actually I will disagree that the Versys 1000 is a poor mans Multistrada... In fact the Multistrada price is grossly exaggerated in Thailand... We had the same issue in Dubai... My multistrada ABS was selling for 100,000 AED, ie close to 20,000 Euro (when Euro had some value...)... So I bought it in DUcati in Italy for 12,300 Euro and had it shipped to the UAE.. with taxes etc it cost me 15,000 Euro... One year later the dealer in Dubai was selling it for 16,500 Euro compared to the 20,000 ... This is when dealers learn...
    The Versys 1000 is available in Dubai, its a beautiful looking bike, definately not a Multistrada, but it has the feel of the Z1000 on pickup... Its actually a little lower. I did not ride it for any distance to speak off, but the driving position is great... It is priced at 12,500 Euro which is 4000 less than the MS which is a resonable diffrence, considering the European Japanese pricing... I just find Ducati BKK so overpirced and it really does not make sense... ANy Ducati owner definately has more than 1 and more likely 3 or more, so they in my opinion it will be wise to normalise pricing and let the Ducatisti's enjoy their bikes... Ducati is a way of life, not just a bike...

    I think that Ducati Thailand is kind of price comparing with BMW and lines up the MS with the GS... The two bikes have no comparison to each other and if GS riders were to come to their senses they will all switch to Multistrada's. So If Ducati was to price the MS more competitively, I think the MS would dominate the Asian roads by far... When the MS has a MRP at 12,500 Euro, paying 25,000 for one does not make the rider smart... it makes the deal a rip off...

    The MS in BKK is more expensive than the Panigale in Dubai... and in europe too... IT really does not make sense...

    hey its weekend... so safe riding and have fun... I may be riding round Hua Hin tomorrow... waiting for my flight from Beijing to BKK..... It seems that the Ducati club rides down Hua Hin way weekends, I have seen many monsters round...
  11. TonyBKK

    TonyBKK Ol'Timer

    Cheers Mate!

    My "poor man's Multi" comment is meant to be tongue in cheek. As in, gee, I might actually be able to afford/justify a Versys 1k, whereas the Multi is just too damn expensive for me ;)

    Let's face it, with the prices they are charging in Thailand the Multistrada is definitely a rich man's toy.

    On the road there's no question that the Multistrada will piss all over the BMW GS, but for the folks who actually take these big bikes off road, the 17" front wheel on the Multistrada (and the Versys 1000 for that matter) will put them at a disadvantage against the more off-road oriented GS with it's 19" front.

    1st round of Superbike racing at BIRA Circuit this Sunday- come check it out if you're free!

    Happy Trails!

  12. niko13

    niko13 Active Member

    Tony you will laugh...
    I took my MS off road 3 times in the UAE... dirt road, stones gravel little sand and many small hills...
    First time I went alone, 27km off road... I just want to avoid the embarassement and you are right... As beautiful as the beast is on the road, she is a bitch offroad... The poor bike with the Scorions had no handling at all and even with the enduro mode, the stand was hoping so badly that I had to restart the bike several times...I could hardly keep the back wheel on the ground... It was kind of sad when I was overtaken by a scared donkey... but such is life....
    The other 2 times it was better.. I went off road with my mate with the GS and thank GOD his GS is seperheavy (260KG) the MS was perfroming miles better.. but the road conditions were generally much better than the first time....
    Lets face it... Neither the MS nor the Kawasaki are made for off road... but when racing with an 1198 and a KT1300 the Multistrada actually keeps up nicely.... last time we raced the KT ended last... its up for sale now... the owner is buying the panigale...
    Now regarding the price of the MS, believe me, NO self respecting Ducatisti will pay what Ducati Thailand is asking for... What about the Asian versionof Ducati.. do you have an opinion about it ?
  13. TonyBKK

    TonyBKK Ol'Timer

    Overtaken by a donkey! LOLZ! :lol-sign:

    I had the chance to see the new Thai-manufactured Diavel at the Bangkok Motor Show and it appeared to be put together properly. But one wouldn't know how it really measures up to the Italian Diavel without taking the two for a spin.

    The Thai Monster is a cute little bike, surprisingly small when you see it in person, but should fit your average Asian perfectly and is selling like hotcakes. I believe Ducati is also manufacturing the smaller Hypermotard in Thailand?

    Going forward I think the brand's success will be determined by their level of quality control and I think it's too early to say if the Thai bikes measure up those manufactured in Italy.

    KTM is taking a bit of a beating due to quality control problems with their Indian-manufactured 200 Baby Duke, and Honda caught some flak early on when they released the Thai-made CB'r' 250 and some bikes were coming off the assembly line with obvious problems that somehow slipped past the qc department. Also, in the early days Honda didn't have any dealers who knew how to service the new bike and didn't have even the most basic parts (like oil filters) available. Kawasaki has been making big bikes in Thailand for years but if you get right down and look at a Thai Kwacker and a Japanese Kwacker you can see that the welds are cleaner and the fit and finish is still better on the Japanese bikes.

    Problems newly released models can perhaps be chalked up to growing pains, and as long as the manufacturers learn and improve I don't see any reason why Ducati can't manufacture quality bikes in Thailand. So who knows, maybe we'll have the option of buying a reasonably priced Thai-manufactured Multistrada in Thailand in the not so distant future.

    I feel for my friend who paid full import price for his Diavel Carbon just a few months before the Thai-made Diavel went on sale for hundreds of thousands less... :crazy: A bit sneaky of the sales staff to not let him know that he could get a huge discount if he just waited a few months...

    IN the end, everyone I know that owns a Multi loves the bike and it's had nothing but rave reviews. Shame it's so darn expensive in Thailand though...
  14. David Race

    David Race Ol'Timer

    I agree with Tony the Versys 1000 a nice bike but with no 19 inch front wheel its just another big bike.
    I like it as well but would rather for the money a Triumph 800 that has a 19 inch wheel to soak up the bumps on these Thai bad roads.
    I ride all over north and east Thailand doing 1000s of ks and would buy a 650 Versys tomorrow if it had a 19inch front wheel until it does I will put up with my 650 Ninja which I ride on good roads bad roads and dirt roads.
    Unfortunately my budget is limited so I do not have a Triumph and the Ducati only has a 17 inch wheel so even though a great bike still limited ability.
    I really don't know why Suzuki don't push there V Strom 1000 here as would be a great bike here with 19 inch front wheel high exhaust and good power.
    This bike is a good seller in Oz with its bad roads and out back rides.
    I have ridden this bike and quiet liked it a bit of a do every thing bike unlike the new 1000 Kawasaki but then again the Kawasaki does not claim to be a real dual purpose bike it claims to be a bike that does sealed roads of most description well but has no off road ability.
    I'm sure it will sell in Europe well to travel in comfort from one country to another in a good fast matter.
  15. niko13

    niko13 Active Member

    You are veri right David,
    The V storm is indeed one of the Best Selling bikes in Europe too and it deserves the reputation... For my liking I would like it 20KG lighter. I believe bikes should have a weight limit at 200kg, this way we can exclude Harleys from being called bikes LOL @!!!!
  16. TonyBKK

    TonyBKK Ol'Timer

    The Suzuki V Strom continues to receive rave reviews and I have a couple friends back in the US who own them and love them.

    Hands down the funniest V Strom review on the planet- :lol-sign:

    Suzuki had a V-Strom on display at the Bangkok Motor Show but no word on if they actually plan to import it to Thailand...
  17. Changnoi1

    Changnoi1 Ol'Timer

    Thanks Tony for the laugh ..... maybe we can make a Thai version of this commercial with the Versys?

    Chang Noi

    BTW look carefully to the change of tyre pressure

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