Kawasaki Versys ABS Recall?

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  1. Can some please confirm if there is a recall on faulty ABS as a colleague text to say there is, but cannot confirm his issue.  Apparently on facebook, there was a thread that the ABS system on the 650 Versys is due to be recalled.  My m8 took his bike in for service who agreed at the time there was a recall due, however, he said Rama 9 have only put this info out, odd!  Due to parts (solenoid) and a mess up with his service, he was loanedd a bike until parts arrived.  In the meantime, he has been contacted with a quote of 14k to replace the ABS system or 500bht to bypass it (fuse whipped out i presume).

    I questioned him about the recall as to why he should pay being it is a manufacturers defect, he replied the recall according to Rama 9 is not yet official.  Does anyone know about this.  All sound very odd to me.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. I need to go to rama 9 today. Will check with the people I know in kawasaki and report back.

    I was only there a week back and they told me they had a special promotion on at the moment. Free health check on the versys .. Over so many km. Can't remember.  They remembered I have a versys as well as klx  no mention about abs issues


  3. Forgot to ask.. They were going to lunch..

    I think it is rumour or they would have said somthing to me the week before.

    Just wait and see if there is an official announcement



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