Kawasaki Versys Engine Guards for sale!

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  1. sdc14339SSR.

    Engine Guards for the Kawasaki Versys!
    Kit includes all parts shown in the picture above.


    I've not yet had a chance to make detailed installation instructions. I recommend these engine guards be installed by experienced mechanics only.

    These engine guards are incredibly well built, both from a strength and fit-and-finish perspective and they complement the lines of the bike very well.

    These engine guards have three attachment points on each side, making them very strong. Two of the three attachment points for each side require you to replace engine mount bolts so a torque wrench is recommended for installation. The final result is an extremely strong and very clean looking mount.

    If you are unsure of your ability to install these engine guards or don't have the proper tools I hope you will have them installed by an experienced mechanic.



    Price is 3900 Baht for the engine guards and installation hardware.

    Pick up from my office in Minburi, Bangkok, or delivery to anywhere in Thailand via EMS Courier is available for an additional 300 Baht.

    Please contact me by phone or email with any questions.

    Let the Good Times Roll!

    [email protected]
  2. How about a slider bung on there?
  3. My ER6n Frame Sliders / Crash Bungs fit the Versys-




    High grade CNC machined Aircraft (T6) Aluminum with replaceable Delrin sliders.

    Easy to install, very strong and look great!
    2500 Baht

    Ride On!

  4. I was thinking of mounting a bung on the bar
  5. I'm having a hard time visualizing that...
  6. Here is how the crash guards look installed on an ER6n:


    One more pic-

    Ride On! :happy5:

  7. Well they look strong enough Tony! Good Work, Got to be a Must for all the Versys owners out there!
  8. ER6n / Versys Engine Guards drop tested-
  9. Well I was hoping that these would just be hunks of metal that got bolted to my bike and never actually had to serve a purpose. However I had a medium speed down the other day and can now attest to the quality of these bars. Between these and my Barkbusters hand guards the bike does not have a scratch on it. The only damage to the actual bike was a broken mirror.

    On the plus side I have been pretty careful with the Versys and not really pushed its limits off road. Now I can take it off road with confidence and will be doing a lot more back roads touring without having to worry about how much damage there will be if I drop the bike.

    Great work, I recommend them fully. Can’t say that about some of the SW Motech stuff that is on my bike. I have washers falling apart and screws falling out or stripping.

    Knowing what I know now, I would actually go for these before the SW Motech ones even they were the same price.

    I don't suppose you have any racks or anything else in the work???

    Attached files 269788=4279-photo%201. 269788=4278-photo%202.
  10. Thanks for the review mate!

    I've seen these guards survive a number of good spills so am pretty happy with their quality.

    There are already so many Versys racks on the market already I'm not sure if it would warrant designing one domestically...

    Ride On!

  11. hi TonyBKK, just to comfirm,about the "Kawasaki Versys Engine Guards " in the photo.
    the right side,no bar will be covering the engine cover,but the left side teh bar is covering the engine cover.
    do you,post it to Sepang,Malaysia.
  13. ^^ Fatlad... do you have kids?

  14. Hi!

    They are as shown in the pictures above. Right hand clutch cover and left side stator cover are protected.

    Shipping to Malaysia... I'll look up the cost for registered air mail delivery and send you a quote by PM, ok?

    Happy Trails!


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