Kawasaki Versys Plastics

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    Clearing some space in our cupboards : Used full set of Kawasaki Versys plastics . in pretty good condition. Selling half price baht 3000. Tel: 0900561190
  2. Did you modify your V, is that why you are selling the plastic? If so do you have any pics. I asked because I took the plastic off mine to fix some cracks and cure some buzz, but I liked the look, so never put it back on.
  3. Changed from black to white
  4. Hi do you still have your plastics for sale.
  5. Yes, I still have them. Give me a call if you're interested
  6. Hi,

    As the guy above given you a call and bought yet? If not, I'm interested.
  7. No calls from anyone . Still available
  8. OK,

    I'll will take them from you as long as they are good for a 2013.

    I'm in Bangkok, where are you?
  9. Yes, they are good for a 2013 Versys. I am in Chiang Mai

  10. ... Sold ...
  11. Received, thanks

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