Kawasaki Versys

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  1. 2011 model with 20,000kms
    Givi Panniers
    Givi sliders
    Bag Connection Tank bag
    MRA windshield (with a stone chip)
    Pirelli Scorpion Trails - rear 85% left, front about 1000kms left

    All original parts come with the bike

    The bike is in Chiang Mai.

    THB 245,000.00


    can contact via pm or 081 860 3608
  2. Hi Ron, what happened ? Why are you selling this beauty ? Downgrading to CBR or CRF ? Rgds, FR
  3. Hi Ron How can I contact you?
  4. I'm interested! How do I get in touch with you?
  5. Is the bike still available? Sold? Anyone have any info?

    I'm very interested.
  6. Anyone in CM know ronwebb and can tell him that I'm interested in buying his bike? There's no contact information in his ad, and I can't send him an email.
  7. Sorry for the lack of response but I am traveling and have not checked this site.
    Please feel free to contact me on 081 860 3608.
    Thanks to some good old mates on GTR for pointing out my incompetence in not responding.
  8. The bike is still for sale if anyone is interested. I have to admit that I have lost some contact numbers of interested parties due to traveling with a conked out iPhone. Apologies to those concerned.
    Tel; 081 860 3608
    Franz - I dont use it that much so I feel no point in cluttering up the house, although K Kob is not altogether happy at the selling idea. Still if no one is interested, it stays!
  9. Hi Ron, hope you sell that one quick, with all the goodies on it, it's a good deal. Thinking of a smaller replacement such as a CRF250 or a KLX/D-Tracker ? Cheers, Franz
  10. Yes Franz, a KLX is on my mind to poke around the smaller tracks around CNX and particularly down the western Burma/Thai boarder around MHS, Mae Sariang area down to Umphang. There is so much to see there.
    I think the answer to my bike storage issue is to get another house with a bigger garage or perhaps it should be a big garage with a house attached!
  11. Trying to do that Ron. Geez you're a difficult man to contact :wave:
  12. I am in Laos right now but back to CNX next week. You can mail me on [email protected]
  13. ******sold******
  14. :happy1::happy1::happy1::happy1::happy1:

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