Kawasaki W650....Sold!

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Buy & Sell - S.E. Asia' started by davevb, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. davevb

    davevb Ol'Timer

    Selling my cherished W650, 2000 model with invoice.

    Immaculate and meticulously maintained. 12XXX on the odo.

    Recent tyres, battery, plugs, chain and sprockets.

    Standard apart from sensible mods:
    Braided front brake line HEL, from the UK.
    K&N filters
    K&N Crankcase filter.
    Dynojet kit in carbs.
    Standard exhaust opened up (Can be reversed) Sounds and goes great.
    Stainless clamps around carbs.
    Standard parts incl.
    Bike is in my house in Phetchabun but will bring to Chiang Mai if needed. (Where I am now located) or meet in Phetchabun.

    Regretful sale but genuine reason.

    If you want a great one, look no further. Open to reasonable offers.




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  3. dirthonk

    dirthonk Ol'Timer

    First of all, good luck with the sale, bike looks lovely.
    Secondly, if you've still got the KTM get in touch with me if you wanna go dirt-riding sometime.
  4. davevb

    davevb Ol'Timer

    Cheers. Kills me to sell it but....

    Would love to go dirt riding soon, especially as a nice bit of rain came through tonight!
  5. Rhodie

    Rhodie Ol'Timer

    Nice looking bike Dave.
    Check your PM Box if you want to discuss it.
  6. davevb

    davevb Ol'Timer

    Price drop as I am in Chiang Mai now and I need something with a legitimate green book so I can get around town on it, drop the boy off to school etc. I've had a few bites but everyone wants a book. It was fine around Phetchabun as it is in most non touristy places in Thailand, would be a great bike for someone living in these areas who wants a cool bike to get around on. It's just not on in Chiang Mai although I see a lot of unplated bikes getting around I would have to pick my time and places but as I said, I really need something to be able to go anywhere anytime on.

    If I had more room and time here I would love to keep it for a few select cruises but now I have neither.

    Honestly, I paid 135 000 for it which is what they go for, put all the stuff on listed and at this point will take 135 000 for it. i am out to work for a couple of months and would like to see it go before I leave. It's a pretty good price for that.

    Still open to reasonable offers.

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