Kawasaki W650

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  1. Any owners out there?

    Care to share info / tech/ web sites?
  2. Been riding one for four years. I like the looks, the way it handles, the sound it makes. It returns 25km to the litre yet will do an indicated 200 km/h (on a good day and down a very steep, long hill). In four years of ownership, nothing (touch head) has gone wrong. So if things go according to plan, I hope to ride it up to CNX from Singapore third week December; and do the Mae Hongson loop and revisit Doi Maesalong and Doi Phukha.

    Your best bet for W650 related info is via a yahoo group. Just do a search there.

    Apart from Japan, Kawasaki didn't sell that many of them. Those who have them just plain don't want to sell; which is a indication of how much fun these bikes are. Those that are willing to sell want silly money, at least, that's the situation here.
  3. Do a google search... lots of good sites and parts available and some basic improvements for forks shocks and power ..

    great bikes i would be happy with one
  4. Good to see a couple of owners out there! Thanks for the tips, I have googled the hell out of it already!

    I put K&N's, jet kit on mine & changed the gearing down a tad. It had 8000 klm's on it and seems to be original milage for the condition although a bit hard to believe but maybe the Japanese guy who owned it didn't ride it much.

    Jetting was interesting, some conflicting ways to shim the needles but I went with shimming one only as they are different lengths (for the more restriction on one side with standard airbox) Can't complain, It runs perfectly.

    Looking at progressive springs, braided front brake line and a short rear mudguard/light assembly (www.w650shop.de - where I got the other stuff from) just the usual stuff. They have a nice range of gear, are good to deal with and accept paypal, other stuff on ebay.

    Opened up the pipes, makes a great sound and is fantastic fun to ride up the hills near my place (Phetchabun) Bought it from a shop in Bangkok with invoice (no green book - don't need it where I ride) for 130 k Baht. Good guy to deal with - he threw in some free stuff and he can get parts like chains and tyres and he had another in there last time I looked same colour and money (Grey/ blue) with aftermarket pipes same shape although that was 3 months ago. He can get them if you ask, just like any of those shops I guess.

    Makes a nice alternative to my KTM 450 EXC. Can take the dirt road up the hills or bitumen, whatever takes my fancy!
  5. How about some photos of your dub?

    I've gone the short rear-front fender route as well, and recently put in Bitubo shocks to replace the tired originals. Also changed to lower bars. Got most of the stuff from Japan via Motoworld.

    Do you know if it's easy to source a Dunlop TT100 for the front in Thailand - looking for 19 by 4.1-inch.

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