Kawi posters


Feb 5, 2007
I was sent some Kawi USA dealership promo posters but alas none for my bike. These are on the real deal on plastic poster material and not some cheesy paper poster. The Fed-Ex cost alone was 200.00 USD

Should you see your way to making a small donation to the Chiangmai ToyRide in exchange of one of these, I am sure that the kids would appreciate it. See chiangmaitoyride.com

1.2 x 2.4m for a 250R Ninja
1.2 x 3 m for KX-450F
45 x 90cm for ZX-6R
43 x 86cm for a KX-450F
39 x 66 cm for a Vulcan Custom
39 x 66cm for a KX-250F