Keeping foreign registered bike in VTE Laos


Apr 20, 2008
Hi guys

Any info or experience in keeping a foreign registered bike in VTE for a period of 2 to 3 months?

What will be the requirements or fees charged for that as I 'm thinking of riding my Malaysian registered bike to VTE and flies back thereafter. I will only be able to go back to continue the ride in Laos in a months time.

Otherwise it is not possible for me to ride my bike to northern Laos due to my limited leave.

Another alternative is to find a place near Nongkhai or Udo Thani to keep the bike (overstaying by paying the fine by Thai customs upon exiting Thai immigratuion @ Nongkhai.



Lip Meng


Nov 17, 2004
You have 3 choices.

1. Leave the bike in Udon Thani but make sure your Thai import paper will cover the length of time for your leaving the bike there. I have a few contacts in Udon and you can leave it securely there.

2. Nong Khai parking is a bit less secure as the places I've used for short term are fine but I'd be a little nervous about 3 months.

3. Enter Laos and obtain a temporary import from me. 3 months is a little too long so I'll need to extend your bike paperwork twice for you meaning I run your bike in and out of Laos. I can store your bike in Vientiane no problem.

I need at least 3 weeks to send you the original import paper and will also need info from you. Drop me a line, [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]