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  1. sabaidee,
    last december i exited laos atNAMHEUNG,(KENGTAO).Can anyone tell me if i can ENTER and make the Lao visa there?
    Many thanks.
  2. Guichard
    Nam Hueng / Tha Li. Entering Laos at the new Nam Hueng crossing is probably not possible just on arrival. Permits have to be issued from the district office several kms inside Laos. It is however no trouble to exit here.
    See the GT Rider message board for more info & photos on this crossing.

    So dont like your chances. No visa on arrival.
    Any chance of a Road & Trip report on your trip exiting at Kenthao? How was it - good / bad / easy / fun / worthwhile?
  3. Namheung check point is 65k of Paklai. the trail is wide and interseting and very very dusty due to tenths of big lorries with trailers going to Thailand.
    At customs and immigration you have to struggle with the lorry drivers to get to the booths. It takes about 45min to get through the border. Much quicker and better organised on the Thai side.
    PS: David, thanks for your very good map of Laos. I wish the north should have the same scale as your Mae Hong Son loop.
    I'm presently preparing my new trip next November and will ask more questions later on.
    Sok dee with Beer Lao!
    Khun Lung Guichard
  4. Lung Guichard
    Thanks for the tips & input.
    I wonder who is older / lung - I will have racked up 54 big ones in Dec 2007, how bout you?
    Re the map scale, yeah I've actually been thinking that in a year or two I might break the map up into two - North & South, to hopefully get more detail. But first I need more dirt trail surveys & info to get the data for the map. Then see how it might look & decide if it is worthwhile.
    Hope you have a good trip in November & that we can share a beer or two by the 'Khong in either Vte or LPQ - preferably LPQ in the mountains, as I hope to be fully fit & riding long distances again by then.
  5. Hi David,
    I beat you by far sice I'llbe 69 next March
    I think we'have met at Roger's place in Khun yuam.I used your first pocket edition to come from Mae chaem in a 4X4 caribean.That was in
    90 if my memory's still good.
    I spend several months in CNX every winter so we might have a Singh
    in NOV. OK?
    Guichard(khun lung.)
  6. As next NOV i don't want to take the same disapointing route from LPQ
    back to CNX,I will happily ride again on the beautiful 13 and 50 Km
    south of Vang Vieng turn W to Fueang, the Mekong,Xanamkhan and Paklay
    and again exit at Namheung.
    Any info is welcomed.Where is the ferry?
    I have already stayed overnight in a private house in Xanamkhan and remember a good and friendly restaurant by the Mekong,but that was in 96 and "riding" a big barge from LPQ down to VTE!
    Kob chai lai lai.GUICHARD(khun lung.)
  7. Have not done this myself but according to Paul R. who did this in 2006 this should be no problem. Best is to contact himself at paul racine at free dot fr to hear directly from him (French guy about 60 years old). Once you reach the Mekong, either go straight to Xanakham and stay the night or turnoff at Pakxao to Naphiang, drive about 10 km north from here to the turnoff to Paklay. From here it is about 62 km on a good road to the ferry to Paklay.

    Have also a look at ... rms=ranong and ... rms=ranong and ... rms=ranong for more info
  8. Many thanks AUKE,
    I'll get in touch with Paul and look at the other topics
    So then this year trip will be completed..on paper!
    Sok dee Lung guichard.
  9. Great idea David.
    Also if the map folds could concertina, so that we put the map in our tank back pocket in "portrait" rather than "landscape" mode would be great.

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