Kevlar (or para-aramid) jeans

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  1. Just before I went to Europe I decided I would like to have "kevlar jeans" and thought well they are expensive here in LOS so lets buy them in Europe. So in the Netherlands I went to s shop and tried some, but first of all they did not have my right size and I was disappointed in the amount of "kevlar" lining that was inside. Actually it was only on the very minimal crash-points. Well and actually they were not much cheaper as here in LOS.

    So 2 questions

    The first one, does anyone has kevlar jeans and how much protecting lining is inside?
    And does anyone know where to buy them?

    Chang Noi
  2. I have British made HOOD Kevlar armoured denim jeans fantastic quality and tested in real accidents , £100 in UK I love them
  3. I've got to agree with Monsterman. I've had 2 pairs of Hood jeans and the quality is fantastic. Made to the length you require. Just search for "Hood Jeans''. I think they're a mail-order only company - almost certainly no agents in Thailand - but will send anywhere although cost will be high or maybe someone can bring them for you. Excellent customer service. If you want to see an example of their work, CN, I'm 75km south of KK on Highway 2 ...... PM me.
  4. Thanks and yes I did find "Hood Jeans" also on internet and the look good .... problem is I want to try to fit anything I buy so a shop selling them or someone who has it in the same size for me.

    Chang Noi
  5. This thread talks about some different brands of abrasion resistant riding pants-

    I recently got a great deal on some Cortech CPX Water Resistant Cargo Pants that are on clearance at

    They still have some stock. Here's the link:

    They've got Kevlar® Armortex® panels in the knees and butt and the legs zip off so you can chill in shorts when you reach your destination.

    I got a pair in Black and another in Khaki-

    I'm really happy with these pants :)
  6. Thanks Tony for reminding me again of that thread.

    The last time I saw you, you were wearing a kind of military-look kevlar "jeans"? What brand name and how much kevlar is really in it?
    Like I said the one's I tried in the Netherlands (I believe a French brand name) were very disappointing as of the size of the kevlar-lining inside.

    The Cortech's look also great.
    Well I might have to go to BKK for shopping ...

    Chang Noi
  7. Howdy Chang Noi! :)

    There are the pants I was wearing on our last ride- (copied from the other thread) ;)

    I was also looking for new riding pants and came across these awesome Iicon SuperDuty cargo pants at Dirtshop a couple of weeks ago:
    Click to Enlarge

    But Dirtshop wanted mad money for them so I ordered from the US instead. $105 + $13.95 shipping, they arrived here in record time and I didn't get charged any duty- Score!

    Link to where I bought them:

    They're a bit more expensive than the Cortech CPX riding pants pictures above. The Cortech CPX pants are heavier, lined, water resistant and convert to shorts which are all features that I like a lot.

    Personally I'd recommend the Cortech CPX over the Iicon SuperDuty because they are more versatile and better value, but they are both great pants.

    If you can make it down to Bangkok for the Bangkok Bike Festival that starts today and runs through the 5th I bet you might find some deals at the dealer booths. I scored some bargains last year from the Panda Rider and Dirtshop booths :)

    Happy Trails!


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