Khan Kean Bike Week

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  1. It was scheduled for net week Feb 2. But. I keep hearing the date has been changed anyone got any info on it?

    I've tried the contact number several times but it isn't working.
  2. I have been told that it should happen end of February.
    A guy at a bike shop in KK, called Jo Modify, (Thai guy who builds and modifies bikes), seems to be in the know. I will see if I can get a definate date from him
  3. Let me knows if it's happen by the end of Feb as im home after 26th...
  4. Met a Thai guy called Jo today, (not same as shop Jo Modify). He lives Pimanchol 2, and runs a club in Phuket. Rides a red Harley Low Rider.
    He said he was one of the organisers of KK bike week and that it starts on Saturday 29th March.

    If I hear any more details I will post
  5. Any one heading to KK from UbonSisaket direction??
  6. Hi guys.
    On the subject of bikes and Khon Kaen. Does anyone no if there's a Kawasaki dealer in KK.
    Ive checked out the Kawasaki web site but its all in Thai.

    Thanks Rex
  7. Hi,
    I tried to find a Kawasaki dealer 3 months back. I was led from shop to shop all over KK, each one had sold Kawas before, but not any more, they then told me where to look next. Never found the last one, allegedly near Lotus.
    I concluded that selling Kawasaki's in Khon Kaen was not such a profitable business.
  8. On the original topic, of KK bike week, I believe there is a Bike Party, on the University campus on Saturday 29th March. Not exactly a bike week, but better than nothing. Not sure what time starts, will try and find out.
  9. Below is a pic of a large poster in Khon Kaen giving details of the bike week. Sat 29th a show up at the University, seems Yamaha and Harley are there plus various others like Coke Cola!!. Sunday a bike ride starting at 10am.
    As the poster is all Thai, that’s all I have understood to date. Several phone numbers for more details. Maybe some Thai speakers can add more detail.
  10. We will be there,, coming from Ubon.
  11. This is the infromation given to me by a very busy man
    translating from Thai on the telephone. So if I
    misunderstood lets chock up to olde age and forgive

    There will be a party at the University, with a party,
    Harley Davidson and Yamaha are supposed to be
    represented there. There will a bike show, and prices
    awarded by the Governor of I believe Khan Kean.

    There will also be the usual number of bike gadgets
    Ect represented. That all happens on the 29Th.

    On the 30th there will be a Charity ride to a poor
    school somewhere in the area.

    I'm told the fee is 200 baht

    From all I can tell this is not the Khan Kean
    bikeweek, but a first time event sponsor in another
    fashion. I don't know what that is.

    But hwhoknows not me for sure, in any event looks like a good deal
  12. Ok lads, this is what poster say's:

    1st Khon Kaen Bike Week on saturday, March 29th, 2008 at Parking area of Kanjanaphisek Convention Hall (Sydney Opera House look alike with the yellow roof),
    Khon Kaen University by Khon Kaen Tourism Business Association.
    There will be various activities from Harley Davidson, Yamaha dealers, shopping for souvenirs, bike contests ( the governer and TAT's trophy), bike safety riding campaign parade around Khon Kaen town will start around 3 pm.

    200 baht registration fee. Isaan Cultural Show, Music show and various activities on stage. Free souvenir.

    On March 30th, ride to see Phu Wiang Dinosaur, give some scholarships to students and grow some trees together. The trip to Phu Wiang start at 10 am at the convention hall. The round trip is 150 kms.

    Wife called on of numbers below and actually they start to gather bikes alrready on 28th and then 29th show area is open for general public, so there going to be lot's of Uni girls wondering around...LOL....

    EDIT: The organizer can help to book hotel rooms from 300 to up THB
    for 3,4 or 5**** hotels, BUT need to let them know by 27th what is tomorrow....
  13. :roll:
  14. yes 200 Baht, but there is a free gift!!!
  15. :roll:
    200 for good couse :)

    John see u there,, leaving Ubon at 6am, so should be there on time
  16. :roll:
    200 for good couse :) That's fine if the money gets to the needy instead of ending up in the pocket of some local Poo Yai.
  17. Most of these events have an entry fee, to pay for entertainment, and expenses.

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