Khao Kheow Enduro Ride Sunday March 31st

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  1. Good fun at Khao Kheow yesterday, but the heat was oppressive! Yesterday was some kind of Chinese holiday and all the Chinese temples and cemeteries were packed. Resulted in pretty mad traffic. I rode down so got there before the guys who drove-
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    Nice and green in Khao Kheow and the air was clean and clear- from the summit we could see all the way to the sea. Dario has been riding for a while and is very fit but he'd never done any real off-road and after dropping his bike a few times the heat quickly caught up with him-

    I was pretty worried about him- he was in bad shape!

    But we doused him in water from our hydration packs and got him to a nearby little shop/restaurant where I hosed him down and stuck him under a fan and eventually he recovered bananaman.gif

    Discovered a new single track that was VERY challenging-

    Yes, there actually is a trail, but it's pretty hard to see! Reckon the forest will reclaim it soon if no one rides it-

    Lots of fun 4wd tracks in Khao Kheow- I was really surprised when we actually encountered a couple big utes in the forest- it's pretty hard core terrain!

    Lunch in the wonderfully cool Khao Kheow Country Club (so nice of them to let dirty sweaty bikers into their lovely club house) wai.gif

    Once we cooled down we headed out for another blast-

    Dario on the Rock Garden Trail, Khao Kheow, Chonburi, Thailand


    Poor Dario was absolutely exhausted- we took turns helping him through the tough bits-

    Home sweet home! Tough challenging fun day!
  2. The holiday period is the pay respect to the "ancestors".

    Funny thing at work.. One of my staff asked to take leave.. he was telling me what he was going to do..
    But didn't know the word in English.. So asked the Support team.. The team leader replied.. " He is going to pay respect to his Incesters "
    At which point I was laughing so hard.. Then they all wanted to know why I was belly laughing, nearly rolling on the floor.

    After I explained the difference between Ancestors and Incesters... We all had a good laugh...
  3. LOL! :lol-sign: "Incestors Day"

    I figured as much because we began our ride via the "Cemetary Trail" and the Chinese cemetery where the trail begins is normally deserted but was packed on Sunday. I hope they didn't mind us riding through their ancestors graves (though to be fair, the trail only skirts the edge of the cemetery, it's not like we were riding over any graves or anything!)
  4. You guys are hardcore. Respect! :clap:

    Going on a dirt bike adventure when its 40+ degree c is not say the least.

    Be careful not to dehydrate. I guess I don’t have to tell you how dangerous that is.
  5. What a brilliant weekend ride.
  6. Can't wait.. Lets round up some more " Bangkok Weekend Warriors "

    Going to be a blast... and don't forget our air conditioned lunch at the Country Club..

    Rock up in our dirty off-road gear rubbing elbows with the Japanese golfers.

  7. Four of the Bangkok Weekend Warriors met up today at Khao Khiew, Chonburi.

    Tony, Frank, Tom and Brian.

    Boy did we get a work out.. Managed to take the original track all the way from beginning to end.
    Usually we are outta here and heading home by 3pm.. Today it was nearly 6pm

    Tony demonstrating how to go over the handlebars ;-)

    Lets not forget some mud we had to get through too.

    I know Tony has some great video too..

    Great day again with the Bangkok Weekend Warriors. Bring on the MHS weekend...

  8. Some random pics from Tom- Respect- he just bought this bike last week and hasn't ridden dirt since he was a kid, but he powered through and never gave up!

    Jungle mechs at work!

    Welcome to the Jungle!


    Piece of cake! Who goes first? ;)

    Dirt bikes should be dirty! ;)

    Tony's shoe repair ;)

    C'mon up, if you can start your bike... >.<

    Me like mud! Omnomnomnomnomnom!!!

    Let the Good Times ROLL!
  9. Some random video clips :)

    3 Kawasaki KLX and 1 Honda CRF-L. Our first time back since the end of the rainy season and conditions were challenging!

  10. Respect to Tom- he bought this bike a week ago and hasn't ridden dirt since he was a kid!

  11. Had the camera out in case anyone decided to fall into this deep rut ;)

  12. Swallowed a bug :wtf:

  13. Tom made it through another tricky bit :clap:

  14. Brian and I got through ok, but the other guys got terribly stuck ;)

    Brian blasting through deep mud on Kawasaki KLX in Khao Kiao, Thailand
  15. It was a chore dragging Tom and Frank's bikes out of deep sucking mud :sick:

  16. Whacking around in the jungle is very much a team sport. We'd never made it through if we hadn't helped each other out!

  17. Bloody hell, you Bangkok Weekend Warrior guys really are getting serious about your riding, PLUS having loads of fun. Well done. It also look as if you're group is expanding nicely & growing weekly. It also looks like Tom is really enjoying Tom's bike that he bought. :thumbup:
  18. The pain, the glory, the agony then there is the humble mud.....

    Tom in, boots and all..


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