Khao Kheow Saturday Jan 12th

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    Hi Guys,

    Tony, Rob and myself had another blast last Saturday at Khao Khiow -Chonburi.
    On the way to Pattaya from Bangkok for those not familiar.

    Both Rob and I started off with a good hard crash at the beginning..
    But think mine was the biggest of the day.. Luckily no Tony behind me to capture it LOL
    Hit a rock that was hiding in the leaves just when getting up some speed, next thing I know I was in the dirt to the right, banged the top of my helmet..
    Thought I may have bent the handle bars.. but seems OK, just the hand guards etc all moved out of place..
    Slowed me down a bit until after lunch at the Country Club.

    Few Snaps below and may be Tony will add his video links when he returns form his dirt trip to MHS from Chiang Mai..

    Entrance to the Rock Garden trail..



    Half way down.. Time for a break..


    Really is a great area.. Best of all, leave early from Bangkok, back in time for a sundowner the same day..

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  3. TonyBKK

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    Good stuff Brian!

    I posted most of the videos to the last Khao Kiao thread here:

    [h=3]3 KLX exploring the trails in Khao Kiao, Thailand[/h]

    Here are the last two videos of the day- revisiting the Rock Garden!

    Part 1

    Part 2

    A few pics-

    Entrance to the Rock Garden Trail:

    KLX under a Jackfruit tree in Khao Kiao, Thailand-

    Exploring a new trail in Khao Kiao, Thailand-

    A cool walking stick bug-


    Happy Trails!

    Tony :happy1:

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