Khao Khiew - Dirt Trails 100km From Bangkok

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  1. G'day All,

    Been a while since we had any posts in and around Bangkok..

    Thought I would share last Sunday's ride for those living in or around Bangkok.
    Looking for some fun trails and be back home at the end of the day.

    Khao Khiew - Chonburi just near Sri Racha...
    Approx 100 km from Victory Monument.. If you live in the direction of Onnut you are even closer.

    With a pick up and tailgate up.. you can take Motorway no 7 or you can ride under the Bangna trat express way..

    First part of a ride is to make sure you are relaxed..


    100 km out of central Bangkok..


    We park at a little village where the local riders stop for noodles and drinks.
    Leave the pickups here and change / ride off







    Lunch at the Khao Khiew Gold and Country Club


    We were cooking as Matt's bike was having issues starting.

    Lots of kicking. But when running was sweet.. Great bike considering he bought it as a non starter and fixed it up himself.

    Then back to more trails..





    Murphy's law.. Kicking and kicking.. I decide to take a pic of Matt as he passes out from all the kicking.
    The bike started.. Should have tried to take a picture earlier and saved all that kicking.....



    The rain set in and I was day dreaming... Crash LOL


    A little more to come...

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  2. What a ....!!!! How did you do this?

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  3. Moto-Rex showed me how ;-)
  4. Very kind of the farmers to build us a mini Enduro course :p



    So no whinging about living in Bangkok and no where to go riding.
    Where I live.. It takes me almost the same time to get to Khao Khiew as it does to boring Bo Din park in Bangkok with the terrible traffic.

    I know where I prefer to go.

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    Well.. 30 mins away at the back of Pattaya..
    Some of the other guys were seeing how much and how hard they could crash.

    The two in the crash are friends.. only one of them injured.. 12 stitches in his hand..

    2:19 is the winner of the season so far.

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  6. Hello. I have a vstrom 650 and really enjoy road riding with a bit of off road . Sorely tempted to buy a Klx to off road . I live between sattahip and Pattaya. Does anyone live nearby who offroads this area .
  7. If you are a Facebooker.. Look up Pattaya Bad Boys Enduro.

    Good fun bunch of guys that get together for rides most Sundays.
    Or organise rides in the weeks between themselves.

  8. Thanks Brian . I have now joined the group. Hopefully a few of the older lads enjoy greenlaning at a slower speed than full on Enduro . I cant take the pain anymore lol .
  9. Too much again. Glad you weren't hurt crashing.
  10. Gotta love Thailand and common sense policing.. or did they think we would just take off?

    Come tearing out of the bush with Matt and the locals.. Right in to a police road block..
    Cops look, open their hands with palms down.. gesturing to slow down..

    So give a wave as we ride through the road block to smiles and a wave back, on we go riding...

  11. Gr
    Great stuff Brian. Wonderful time of year to be out in the countryside.

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