Khao Yai NP 4.-5. October

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  1. Another short trip is coming up for Sat 4th to sun 5th October. We (Craig-Esib, Dougal, Ed, Ngoh, Thawee & me) will go for a short trip to Khao Yai NP, anyone to join, post quickly because we must do Hotel reservations asap. Cheers, Franz
  2. Count me in Franz.

    Did you say in one of your other posts that the hotel is fully stocked with cold brown bottles?
  3. Peter, of course I said that, first to lure you there and second I told them last time to be prepared once we move in again.......... :oops:
  4. Hi Franz,
    I may join you for one day on this one, If you are going the same way as last time, could join you in Prachinburi again and then ride up thro the park, may then find a bed, or head on towards Khorat, got a bit of a busy time with the Uni term coming to an end that week. Please do not worry about hotel res for me, will confirm or otherwise next week. John
  5. You're as always very welcome John, yes might ride the same way and have brekkie/lunch at Moon River Resort again. Will try to get some Hotel rates beforehand as walk-in is always more expensive and on weekends tend to be fully booked. Franz
  6. So things get rolling: we will stay at Khao Yai Garden Lodge, just trying to get the roomrates & reservations from the owner: .
    Guys that are confirmed with overnight stay: Dougal (Peter) 2 rooms, Craig-Esib 1 room, Thawee 1 room and myself 1 room. Ed will come and join us on Sunday. Ngoh still cannot get spares for his CB750 so he will not join.
    As we are all heading the same direction, I propose we meet at my house at 08:30 and go on from there. 331-304 than to Prachinburi via Sri Mahaphote, into Khao Yai the same way like last time with a lunch stop at Moon-River. John if you are coming down, we should be in Prachin at around 10:30-11:00,meeting point could be opposite Big-C like last time or at the Moon-River. See you on Saturday 4.10., cheers, Franz
  7. Nice one Franz.

    I'll update Thawee and Et and see you at your house.
  8. Booked all roooms as follows: Peterx2 & Thaweex1....non-aircon, Craigx1 and FRx1....aircon at the a.m. resort. Meet on 4th at 08:30 or earlier at my house for coffee, arrive Prachin 10:30-11:00 where John will join us, lunch at moonriver, drive to the resort and check-in at approx. 15:00. John will leave on the same day, next day Ed will join us, check-out planned for around 11:00, afternoon of 5th trip back home. Guys, don't forget gloves and helmets, not only for the rides but also for something else, Peters shareholder is also coming................. :oops: :lol: .........oh by the way, to avoid the high NP entrance fee, don't forget your work permits !!!! see u on saturday !!!! Franz
  9. CDRW from Pattaya will join us on his Djebel 250. I will book another fan room for him. Only problem will be that we will have to ease on our throttles a little........Cdrw, will call you and give you a description of where I live on the 331. Cheers, Franz
  10. Hi guys, just discussed over the phone with Peter and Craig, we make the decision early tomorrow morning, out here at ESIE it is pissing down the whole day, not so in Peter's place. Just looked at the TMD's satellite pictures in 10-frame, doesn't look that good, taifun is moving slowly, let's just hope it passes during the night, if the weather's like it was today then we just postpone to next weekend, if it's cloudy but not raining, we go anyway. So let's phone each other tomorrow morning. Rgds, FR

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