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  1. Working at a plant in Rayong I hardly have the possibility to make big and enduring tours. Just limited to the long weekends where I take my bike in neighbouring provinces; still I can give you some information about restaurants, accomodation and places of interest. Now a little bit about Khao Yai. Accomodation always in the THB 1.000,- to 2.500,- range, no guesthouses and "Cheap Charly" places from my side......

    Coming from Bangkok to Nakorn Nayok and further on to Prachinburi, coming from Pattaya, choose the 331 & 304 to Prachinburi. You have to find road No. 3077, scenic drive for about 20kms until you come to the paypoint and can enter the national park. Bring your workpermit/residence book or thai driving license and you pay the Thai price, it cost me THB 70,- with bike. Scenic drive into the N.P. on top good view of forest, some waterfalls and attractions along the way, several sideroads, lot of curves, I love it (of course nothing compared to Mae Taeng-Pai-Mae Hong Son.......). On the other end pass the pay boot and carry on in direction Pak Chong. Accomodation recommended: Juldis Resort and Greenery. Make the booking via or as a "walk-in" will cost you definetely more or you will be told that only suites are available and everything else is full.....even if you speak fluent Thai like myself......

    Daily tours into different valleys. Recommended: PB Groups Khao Yai Winery, very hidden in a side valley (map:, good red's and white's, marvellous red-grape and passion-fruit juice, various fruit jams. Own Restaurant with big steaks..........

    If you come from Saraburi/Muak Lek, you can turn right near km144 and head straight for PB winery or carry on on Mitraphab road in direction Pak Chong, nearby turn right onto route 2090 & 3077 and you come straight to Khao Yai N.P.

    Happy driving........................
  2. I am sure I speak for everyone based in Bangkok when I say that the worst thing about any trip – near or far – is the traffic arriving back in Bangkok.
    Khao Yai is about the ideal distance for a day ride and I have ridden through the park many times in the year or so that I have had the bike. I find the 400 baht entry fee to foreigners a big negative, and I know of a number of non-Thais who refuse to subscribe to dual pricing – 10 times is pretty outrageous.
    In searching for new routes, I found something on the BKK Riders site about a back way into Khao Yai. Here is the map:


    Head up the R304 towards Korat and take a left just before Wang Nam Kiaow at this sign:


    The R304 itself has a lot of dual carriageway but there are some places through the hills where you have to be careful coming around the bends and encountering lorries crawling up the inclines. I saw a pretty bent songtaew on the trip these pictures come from.


    Once you have turned off the R304, you only need to stay on the road you are on – there are plenty of signs for Khao Yai. It goes through some very picturesque countryside and there are plenty of sweeping bends and gentle hills.


    The road has been resurfaced in several places and there are no sudden dirt strips.


    Along the way there are a number of Thai-style resorts as well as the winery Franz mentions. Some good places to eat overlooking this lake, too.


    Towards Khao Yai I saw about 20 big bikes coming in the opposite direction, so this road is obviously know to groups in Bangkok.
    The road comes out about 300 yards from the northern entrance to Khao Yai national park, which allows you 45km of fun on the bends dodging the monkeys before the drag back to Bangkok.
  3. To Monsterman = Jerry, it was a pleasure to meet you today !! We will do a trip together to Khao Yai whenever you are not busy with your family and when it's weekend for me at the job, usually I could leave the factory at 16:00 on Friday (work longer during the week) and we still will arrive at Khao Yai N.P. before dark. Route recommendable: same as above. Just tell me when and off we go......cheers mate !! Franz

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