Khaomaikaew Charity Enduro Race

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  1. TonyBKK

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    Big thanks to the Siam Enduro Club for inviting us to join them for the 2nd annual Khaomaikaew Charity Enduro Race! :thumbup:
    Well over 200 bikes showed up to attempt the challenging 40km enduro course.

    Beers and bikes on Friday-

    Here are some pics from Brian and Mike-


    Whiskey shots on the starting line- just what I needed after a late night in Pattaya the night before :smile1:

    These Thai enduro guys are so incredibly friendly and hospitable- a real pleasure!

    It was very very very hot!!! Stopping in a cool rubber tree plantation to catch our breath and cool down-

    This is the course- 40km of tough technical riding, mostly single track and lots of steep climbs and slippery descents- brilliant!

    At about the 20km mark they had food, drinks and fuel- very well organized and thank goodness for the water because there was no way we could carry enough for the whole 40km circuit. Trent and Paddy cooling down and rehydrating at the midway point-

    Mike hit a tree, he was fine, bike needs a bit of TLC ;)

    Felt awesome to cross the finish line! Many riders did not complete the course.

    Paddy suffered a slight wardrobe malfunction ;)

    Who the hell invited this guy?! ;)

    New KLX bash plate that we installed on Friday barely survived the weekend!

    There were some folks taking pictures and videos along the course, I'm hoping I'll find some good material I can post here. Found a couple good pics on the Siam Enduro Club forum-


    Fantastic weekend! Thanks again Siam Enduro Club!!
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  3. brian_bkk

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    Great post Tony and the only way to do it was to mix and match everyone's pics.

    So bloody intense.. I only took 2 pictures the entire day...

    So so so so so much fun.. The Thai guys were so friendly and helping each other and us..
    No crazy over taking or risky behaviour..

    Just a great bunch of people getting together and having a blast on one hell of a track and one hell of a hot day.

  4. Changnoi1

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    Wow must have been a great day! I used to live very nearby there and would go there many time. In the weekend there were always some weekend-bikers from BKK. I did half of the track once on an mountain-bike, but we lost the track and it was getting dark. So had to be saved by drunken park-rangers on their off-road motorbikes. It is an amazing nice area so in the middle of all the factories in that all area.

    Chang Noi
  5. DavidFL

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    Brilliant - certainly looks like outrageous "fun."
  6. yankee99

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    looks like great do you find out about theses events?
  7. TonyBKK

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    We were invited by our friends at Siam Enduro Club.
  8. Brilliant..... looks like top fun! Cheers for the pics.

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