Khon Kaen Bike week Saturday 29th Report and pics

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    Khon Kaen Bike Week. Sat 29th, Sun 30th March.
    Located on the carparking area of the University Exhibition Hall. Easy to find, plenty of space, a good location for the event.
    Being my first Thai Bike week, I arrived at 10am, as the posters said. Not so many people or bikes and all the exhibitors getting set up, which took most of the day.
    I was welcomed by the Yamaha crew from Khorat and looked after very well, with covered parking for my bike and drinks etc.
    Marco and wife arrived shortly having an early start from Ubon.
    Some small events starting and promise of more to come
    Then Dom and his Triumph crew arrived from Bangkok


    In the afternoon an escorted ride through Khon Kaen was held in aid of Bike Safety
    Dom and his Triumphs line up behind the Police and 911.
    The speed was painfully slow at about 15kph, and very hot, but still a fun event
    Not everyone thinking about safety?
    Local bike bike shop man Daiy Subanan, talks to a White Devil

    Many small stalls with accessories, largely for Harley fans.

    Very skilled BMX bike riders show off their skills in the air

    Yamaha set up an obstacle course and invited riders to beat the time of their test rider on an FJR. Impossible to beat him and I was amazed at the lean angles he managed to get around the cones

    Harley was a little hidden around a corner from the big Yamaha stand, apparently they were not too happy about this. However they gathered some local talent and got them to sell raffle tickets with a bike as a prize.
    And off to the Harley stand.
    Yamaha girls practicing their sales pitch

    And the dancing girls to help sales along
    Now many, (probably over 500 bikes had arrived
    and the evening got into gear with a fireworks display, music and various Thai groups and dancing etc.

    Unfortunately I could not stay as the wife was in hospital, maybe someone else can give a comment on the entertainment.

    For me it was great to see so many people gather in Khon Kaen and have a good time. Also good to meet faces I had contact by GTR or email, but not met and many new friends, including the local Khon Kaen riders. Thai guys who were very welcoming.
    Yamaha, Harley and Triumph were present in good numbers on their stands, organization was good and the weekend had something for everyone.
    Sunday there was a charity ride to Phu Wiang, to the dinosaur museum, a presentation of excess funds to needy students and a tree planting. Again well organized and fun. Marco has posted pictures already.
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  3. johngooding

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    Before I get pulled up for the bike on the Yamaha track not being an FJR
    Here is the pic of the guy lying it down around the cones. Not such a good pic I am sorry.
  4. Marco

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    Good Evening John and lads

    Nice report and let me filling up with few more words

    So we left Ubon at 0630am and arrived to KK at 1030,easy drive but just 50Km before KK on the Rd 23 there is this Huge factory, what ever they make,,but it's kind of top of the hill and when we passed it,, noticed that major damages,, 1/3 of the roof where collapsed.

    Looks bit scary if any one been inside when it came down, Jonh told me that night before that was hail storm in KK so that might be the reasson.

    John covers bacially whole day time event and night time we left about 9pm as the music was soo loud and could not communicate with any one at all,, so i missed Robert from CM..

    BUT next morning there was scheduled ride to Dinosaur park in Phu Wiang national park. Ride was schedule to leave at 10am,,but thai style we left about 1100-1115am
    About 20 bikes where on the road and Me and John + 4 other(edited after ward's) farangs.
    When arrived to park there was donation of money what KK riders managed to rised 20K and those where hand over to they student's in the local school, what said to be one of the poorest in the region.

    Trasportaion to the Tree plantation are,, yeah we where put in to the buss, riders inside and students to the roof.

    So John and i where taken to plant few trees,,
    Then time to become a kid again and we where given slingshoots and some 20+ tree seed's and of we go,,

    After that was done, we head back to Main park area and slowely people started to leaving back to home.

    Have to say, it was fun and hope they are continue this great event,,
    few more pictures from the park.
  5. Pikey


    Hi John & Marco,

    Thanks for the great pics and words from you both - excellent. I hope I can get down there next year as it looks like it would be worth the trip from CNX.

    For the FJR through the cones, I saw a similar thing in Belgium a few years back with a guy on a BMW R1100RT getting the pegs down at about 10mph in a car park - amazing!


  6. tahaan

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    Thanks for posting the pics. As these things go, I thought Khon Kaen was one of the best I've been to and hope we get a 'vol 2' next year.

    Marco, I don't want to take issue mate, but there were at least two other farang on the Sunday ride. Well, at least half of it. I was right behind you all the way up trying to get as close as possible to that police car as we went through the red lights! I'm trying to remain the mysterious stranger so didn't join you glory seekers for photos on the stage at the dino park. :wink:

    It was nice meeting up and hope we get to ride together again some day.
  7. Marco

    Marco Ol'Timer


    You are so correct,,, I'm getting old, really old, now when you mentioned,, there was 4 other's riding with us,, sorry did not catch you guys for picture,,,So sorry for my typo error... :oops:
  8. tahaan

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    Just joshing. I'm happier behind the camera. Anyway, my bike appears in a pic on one of your photo bucket links. It's far more photogenic than me.

    All the best

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