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  1. I know there is not suppose to be a Kawasaki Big Bike Dealer in Khon Kaen ..... but last time going thru the city I saw a showroom being build for Kawasaki that in design looks like it is going to be a Big Bike shop. Anyone knows something about it?

    There should also be a Kawasaki dealer that at least sells upto the 250cc of Kawasaki. Anyone knows about this?

    Chang Noi
  2. Pop along to KK bike week site saturday, there will be someone there who knows.
  3. Well i live in Khonkaen and am out of the country at present and my wife took my bike to Udon for a service at the Kawasaki dealer there and they told her that there will be a kawasaki dealer opening in Khonkaen so i will have to check it out when i return in a couple of weeks time

  4. Well that sounds to support my idea when I saw the "building" of the shop ...... tomorrow (if not raining) I will be on the bike in town and make a picture of the shop.

    Chang Noi
  5. I this the to become Kawasaki Big Bike Dealer in Khon Kaen?
    It is located at Tanon Klang Muang if I am correct, a bit north of the Roma Hotel.

    Chang Noi

    P.s. Bloody well raining again.....

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  6. I am told this will be a Class B, big bike shop. So there will be some limits to their range. The Khorat and Chiang Mai shops are class A shops. Maybe someone from Kawasaki could explain what the difference is.
  7. OK that would explain that there is officially already a Kawasaki dealer selling upto 250cc .... D-trackers and Ninja. Weird because like it looks there is a good market here in KK for big bikes. Many Thai with money to buy HD or Ducatti and there are a few shops selling secondhand big bikes.

    Chang Noi
  8. Hi Changnoi1

    So you are living in Khon Kaen, i also live there as well and will be back in country i about a week and i am always looking to meet people to ride with as i do not have many people to ride with so if you are interested in a ride let me know i am free most days

  9. Well if you are not a racer then I am always in for having a excuse to hit the road. Send me a email at ChangNoi1 at Gmail dot com
    And maybe you can help me to find my way around in KK as I am still a little bit lost sometimes for things I need.

    Chang Noi
  10. Just checked out the Kawasaki B-level dealer in Khon Kaen. The shop is called "MittareYanYont" and is located at the intersection of Sri Chan road and Chata Phadong road. His brother is Kawasaki level-A dealer in Udon Thani. I was told that his mechanics are trained by Kawasaki in Bangkok, but I am not sure if they can officially do service-checks on big bikes as they are dealer for bikes unto 250cc.

    They indeed are going to open an new shop at Klang Muang road, which they hope to open next month.

    For a small shop they actually have a good stock of bikes, as they had a Ninja 250 and even two KLX 250's. And I think even some D-trackers 250. They have one salesman that speaks a bit of English (and nows about big motorbikes) and the boss also speaks a bit English. Funny guy the boss, he would have loved to ride my bike. Maybe next time ....

    For someone who wants to buy a KLX : it costs 162.010,- Thai baht incl. tax, insurance and registration.

    See Miguel's Nong Hoi

    Chang Noi
  11. I was today at the Kawasaki dealer in Khon Kaen and it seems that they are now an Big Bike dealer (although the sign Fun Rider is still on display). They had 2 vulcan's in the showroom and there was a lot of new staff walking around. Even some that speak English. And they now even have a poster with what they have to do at an service-check. A Belgium guy just brought in his Z1000 for service. They are also rebuilding the shop to be able to have an bigger show-room, bigger retail-shop and more work-places.

    It looks like the shops is getting serious. Still the same owner, but maybe new management.

    Chang Noi

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