Khon Kaen Ride and evening party Sat 13th March.

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  1. Khon Kaen Bike Ride and Party Sat.13 Mar.2010
    KK Bikers are starting the planning process for KK Bike Week Vol 3 to be held later this year. As an opening social activity, you are invited to join us on Saturday 13th March for as much of the day as you can spare. We start with a bike ride to an orphanage near NamPong, we come back to support KK Football club at the Stadium and join together again in the evening at Full Moon Pub for the party.
    Please see details and timetable below:
    Great food & drinks and enjoy professional musicians from Khon Kaen town. Meet people and biker friends from around the town and nearby provinces. A chance to win great prizes and take part in bike accessory auction. Fund raising started by Khon Kaen Bike Week activity for social use such as the school visits . Competition to design and also participate to vote for the winning poster artwork for Khon Kaen Bike Week 2010 Vol.III
    • Join social activityat the orphanage and meet biker friends from all around Khon Kaen town and nearby provinces and get to hear the annoucement of Khon Kaen Bike Week 2010 Vol.III
    • Participate to vote for the winning poster to use in Khon Kaen Bike Week Volume lll

    How to join poster design contest for Khon Kaen Bike Week 2010 Vol.III
    Winners receive Cash Prize 1st 4,000 Baht, 2nd 2,000 Baht, 3rd 1,500 Baht and 4th 800 Baht Artwork must communicate about motorcycle with non-discrimination of type, brand, nationality, language or politics. We open to receive the work piece today 23 Feb. till 10 Mar.2010 General public can participate Contest results will be annouced on Sat.13 Mar.2010 at the Beer house - Full Moon Winning posters will be the copy right of the committee Khon Kaen Bike week to use in further activity. Poster artwork must not copy or duplicate from any other works anywhere. Committee reserves the right to manage and control the contest to ensure transparency and fairness Prepare your artwork in paper print size A3 and write .jpg or .ai file with resolution more than 300dpi onto CD and send to Association of Khon Kaen Tourism Business - Khon Kaen Hotel Tel.043-333-222 Contact more info. : BAT 089-969-2630

    Activity Agenda (Full day 10.00-21.30) Needed donation stuffs include boy's clothes, book, stationery, food, snack, UHT milk, toy, sports instruments
    09.30น. Meet at City Pole Parking lot
    10.00น. Start trip to "Men's Toy to Boy's Town" -the orphanage kid school for boys called Boy's Town, A.Nampong, Khon Kaen (~50kms)
    12.00น. Lunch with kids
    13.00น. Big bike Show
    14.00น. Activity with kids
    15.00น. Back to Khon Kaen Sport Stadium
    16.00น. Cheer and enjoy football game - Khon Kaen FC
    18.00น. Join Khon Kaen Bike Party at the Full Moon. Ticket 200.00 Baht person (Free ticket for lady) Free 1 drink and receive dinner set, stage show, game, win prizes, bike stuff auction
    20.30-21.30น. Poster contest annoucement - end of the day. You all have a good one!
  2. Due to short distance route, we decide to change meeting time to be 10.30am.
    Start trip at 11.00am on the same day, same place.
    Please inform to all participants. Sorry for inconvenince.
    Thank you very much.

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