Khon Khaen Bike week whats it about.

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  1. Can somebody please explain why someone would ride from Chiangmai to Khon Khaen for bike week.

    1. Is it a bike show as they hardly sell any thing but scooters in Thailand ?

    2. Is it a custom show ?

    3. Is it show that sells good motorcycle gear ?
    What is it about.

    As I cannot see anything on the web site telling me what it means Bike Week I am posting the question What is Bike Week ?

    If there is a posting on the Web Site telling me what Khon Khaen bike week is all about forgive my ignorance as I have not seen it.8)
  2. If you do a simple search on this web site for Khon Kaen Bike Week, you will find the thread that gives timetable of events for this event. You will also find reports on the last 2 or 3 years of this event with pictures. If you just search for BIKE WEEK, you will find reports on many of the events in different towns all over Thailand, which have similar themes.
  3. Thanks John on both accounts.
    Now I understand Bike Week is just the 1 day no wonder I was confused and its really more a party.
    Sounds good then but only in Thailand they would call it bike week and it only goes for one day.

    Thanks also for the gasohol clear up.
    I asked so many people and no one could tell me but that all makes sense now.
    I always felt my bike ran a little better with 95 and I also got a little better fuel economy.
    A Ninja 650 being not so powerful you can feel something better even if just a small difference.

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