Khun Yuam Resturants

Discussion in 'Restaurants - North Thailand' started by ronwebb, Oct 20, 2010.

  1. For lovers of Gai Yang and Som Tam, stopped of at this place on the way from Mae Chaem to MHS at Khun Yuam.
    It dosent have a name, only a sign in Thai for Gai Yang and Som Tam. Khun Goo Lahp (Rose) is the owner, cook waitress. Really good grub where there is nothing else.
    Its on the left hand side heading to MHS on the 1263 as you go into Khun Yuam, right at the point where you have to turn a sharp right or else you enter the village straight ahead. The no entry sign is banning trucks entering the village.
  2. The daughter of one of my old neighbors, Nong Pon, is all grown up now (I hadn't seen her in nearly 20 years) and has opened a small coffee shop, Wasitta Coffee, at the north end of Khun Yuam, not far from the intersection with the 1263. the road to Mae Chaem. A nice convenient stop for a quick cup.



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