Kia Ora, Nia Hao, Sawasdee Khrup from Kiwi in China

Discussion in 'New Members' started by bikerdoc, Jul 3, 2014.

  1. bikerdoc

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    G'Day to all and sundry. I'm a Kiwi based in mainland China for the past 13 years. Been riding for 35 years (crickey that bloody long, where'd it all go!), starting out learning on a school mates little 100cc, before busting out some of my own hard earned cash to buy my first bike, a Honda XL250 at the age of 15 same year I got my drivers licence.

    Very active forum participant on multiple motorcycling forums/communities for many years, finally joined GT-Rider.
    Current rides include, XT1200Z, AN650L4 ('14 Burgman [NZ]), AN650K7 (Burgman [China]), CF650TR, Jetmax, XVS1100AC (recently sold). Been back and forth to Thailand since the early nineties, and the last trip was for 7 weeks (15000km) riding Northern Thailand on a CB500X based out of CR. Had a blast and after all these years in China, the driving etiquette of the Thais is head and shoulders better than mainland Chinese by a long shot, in fact it was down right bloody civilised in Thailand. plus, petrol stations, that have air for inflating tyres, lots of food choices, and clean toilets. Anyone care to trade countries..!

    Planning to ride from China-Thailand with a bunch of other misfits round the end of 2014 on our collection of bikes. One of our group has ridden back from China to Thailand to test out the borders on a China plated bike, with UK passport and Chinese D/L. All good, and he's been having a blast of a time back in the LOS. Lucky bugger!

    Shiny side up...

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  3. Ian Bungy

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    Hi BD,
    I'm another Kiwi living in Chiang Mai so next time you get over here look Me up? I see You have a couple of the Chinese 650? I Know the CF-Moto but which one is the AN? Is that the one looks like an Adventure bike along the lines of the F650GS? There are a few of Us planing a trip to China for a Ride, Fly in and do the Tour and Fly out so hope to catch up one day! Good Luck and Keep in touch Mate.
  4. bikerdoc

    bikerdoc Member

    G'Day Ian, Kia Ora, Sawasdee Khup, Nia Hao :smile1:
    Planning on returning to Northern Thailand (based out of CR again) end of the year into 2015. At this stage a few of us foreign based riders in China with a few local riders will ride down through Laos to Thailand. I'll likely be riding my G650GS. A couple of us have the CFMoto CF650TR touring model twin cylinder, but with 30% of the roads more suited to a dual sport opposed to a tourer or purely street style ride, for me the wee GS is a better proposition. Besides some of the dirt tracks and gravel roads are worth exploring again in there in Northern Thailand, as we found the CB500X to be a fairly suitable ride for such riding conditions. The little GS will likely perform even better.
    Sorry, the AN650 is the Suzuki Burgman. I'm fond of maxi scooters and have several here as well as 2014 AN650 back in NZ (along with another beemer), I also have a XT1200Z and recently sold a Dragstar 1100 classic. Yep, just your average motorcycling fanatic!

    The mate I rode with in Thailand Jan & Feb '14 (both on CB500X's) has already ridden from Hainan island China to Thailand via Laos and back again. No issues with crossing the border. He is looking at organising a bike tour for riders from Thailand either with or without their own bikes riding up from Thailand, through South-eastern China over to Hainan etc.
    If you get over this way give us a shout, and for sure, when I get over to Thailand again at the end of the year I'll go you a shout for sure. me and my mate based over here plan on heading to the Myanmar/Burma MC club big bike ride planned in December.
    Any chance we might see you there Ian?
  5. Ian Bungy

    Ian Bungy Ol'Timer

    Yes May see Us up there? We get to Chiang Rai quite often as there are quite a few option of Great Roads to get up there and Back? We are going Tomorrow actually! So when You are there give Me a shout and We can meet up! Myself and some friends would definitely be keen if Your Mate organises a Trip from Thailand into China? Keep Me posted?
  6. bikerdoc

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    For sure Ian, will do (Thai-China). Yes on the 'many routes CM CR. Great riding all round. I completed multiple rides on the 1001, 1150, 107, 1178, 1386, 109, 3037... as well as many others... 15000km in 7 weeks.
    See you guys round beginning 2015 - no doubt.

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