King of the Hill - Laos

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  1. King of the Hill - Laos.

    The best days riding in Lao yet.. I want more... So much fun.

    Creek crossings, 1000 metres up, Hmong Villages, Lunch at a Hmong village,

    Hit in the nuts with a 1 ton tree..

    What more fun can you have?

    Thanks Steve C Canyon and moto Lao team for the invite to ride on this reccy.

    Fabulous time all round


  2. Excellent!!! Loved it. Nice Music as well. Keep up the Good Work You Legend!
  3. Thanks Bungy..

    Really was a great day with Chris and the two Hmong Guys from Moto Lao..

    Talk about good hearted fun.. This was it with lots of laughter and nice moments all day.

    Usually the video flattens the hills out.. But you can see it looks quite steep.

    Here is the elevation chart from the days ride..

    The video does lie.. It is a lot lot steeper than it shows LOL

  4. A few pictures of the day ride to go with the video.

    Taking the ferry to the other side of the Mekong from Luang Prabang.


    Are we having fun yet...

    Stunning views as we climb up 1000 metres.

    Two very cool Hmong guys that work with Moto Lao and Chris.
    Good riders and great fun to be with.

    Of course the entire village comes out to see what is going on with the Power Rangers visiting.


    Some guys on rentals from Chiang Mai trying to do this trail.
    They were on the ferry behind us..
    At the time we thought.. Brave or foolish to be taking these bikes over here.

    This bike had just been pulled out of the ditch with the help of the locals and 10 dollars ;-).

    Lost balance on the log.
    We had been in, up to the top and almost back out with photo stops etc. This is as far as they made it.
    Glad they turned around and went back as it only got tougher after this point.


    Lunch at a Hmong Village before exploring a bit further.

    Pretty bloody narrow and twisty trail up here.
    The village are making firewood as well as growing mountain rice in the rainy season in this area.




    We came across this tree over the track.. 1000 metres up, steep and narrow drop off in the long grass.
    The guys want to try and move the 1 ton tree.






    After 1 hr or at least 45 mins.. we did it..


    Pretty funny when trying to move the tree.. Chris copped the tree right in the nuts..
    Man down and rolling around.. (In the video)

    150 metres later.... END OF THE TRAIL....


    We all had another laugh.. All that effort.. But the view was nice..

    Really no way down as it just drops right off the mountain.


    Me recovering after a poor imitation of being a lumberjack.



    Time to head back down and look for more trails.


    Back at Moto Lao office in LPQ and time for Beers and Cheers.


    Thanks for a fantastic day guys.. Really was a nice ride, great company and good laughs.

  5. Thats one hell of brilliant one day dirt ride adventure from Luang Prabang.

    How to contact the guys at Moto-Lao if you want to do that with them?

    Any photos of their office & location to help guys find them.

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