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  1. Morning Lads

    Im back home and just a few days in i got surpriced call from John from KK as they are heading to my way i Ubon, from KK there was 4 drivers left to right, Khung Bat, Khun Tong, Khun John, Marco(Khueng nai, Ubon),Khun Poo
    This was good start for my vacation,, i noticed one slamm leak from my bike and i "thought" that was due the 1ever tank of gasohol,, as it dissapared and did not leak any more after turning bike off, well went to see the guys towards to Yasothon on HW23 and saw john and we stopped nd notoced that leak has increased,, so something is not correct,,after few minutes all other guys followd and after shor brief ,who is who we left and did small detour by my condo in khueng Nai so John got it on his GPS,,then off to Ubon,, on the way to Ubon leak increses from small to HUGE,, i did have 3/4of the tank full when left from the house and when we arrived to Ubon 40Km, i had 1/4 left, and it "peed" under really heavily in every traffic light,, luckily no one smoked close by,,,
    So we managed to arrive Ubon (Warin side) to Home base of N.E.S.T (North Eastern Star Thailand) then it was time for Khun bat exchange the T-Shirt's.
    Same time in back round,, my beemer was under demolition and from really helping guys rom N.Star i have to extend my gradtude to them, they are HD group and have no knoledge of BMW, but what these great guys did,, they call some one who has and they got tools and stuff and rip of my beemer in parts with no time and after just 30minutes problems was found and fixed.
    Next morning guys where up early(i was told) and they pop in for morning coffee
    Then it was time for guy heading backto KK,, so me and missus hop in to bike and escort guys to Yaso,,

    John will continue the story,,..
  2. Hi Marco,
    Thanks for the report ,some great pics, and for your hospitality, good to see you after your long work spell;back in the saddle again.
    Will add to your trip report shortly. Cheers John
  3. Khon Kaen riders are mainly Thai guys in business around Khon Kaen who love to ride and support motorcycling events in the KK area. I first met them at the Khon Kaen bike week which they helped to organise. Since then Khun Bat has invited me to join a couple of their rides. They are a diverse group who do not meet that often due to busy working lives. I have found riding with Thai groups to be very enjoyable as they inevitably have contacts along the way and the unexpected often happens. Communication is always interesting, with limited knowledge of each others languages. This report is more about the sociable aspects of riding, rather than the technical or road report aspects. The common love of biking enable ones to meet and socialise with local guys from diverse towns that one would otherwise probably not meet. Some useful contacts can be made to give us foreigners a more solid base and feeling of belonging here.
    Khun Bat had some work interests in Ubon Ratchatani, his team supporting a promotion day at a local supermarket. It was a holiday day for him, but he wished to show a face at the event, Khun Tong, a local Yamaha Square principal, and Khun Bu a prominent Orchid grower and I joined him in the trip which was just over 300km from KK. Luckily Marco had just returned from one of his long working spells on his cruise ship and his home, (designed by him and a lot more than a condo) is just of the highway 23, 40 km before Ubon.
    Travelling in good weather, with the occasional short sharp shower, 2 Yamaha’s and 2 Harley’s set off along the 209, to Yang Talat and then Roi Et. Waiting at Roi Et for another guy who had planned to come, but was not contactable on the phone, we moved on through Yasothon to meet Marco who was travelling toward us. Marco has posted the pics and report above.
    His petrol leak was quite apparent and worrying in case it reached something like a hot exhaust pipe. Obviously everybody blamed it on that dammed gasohol which he had filled up with 2 days before after 4 months layup. ( It turned out to be a fractured plastic connected in the fuel line, not a gasohol related problem)
    Our first port of call in Ubon, was the workshop and home of North Eastern Star Thailand. This is a Harley selling and service business run by Khun Pom, and seems to have been responsible over the last 3 years for the growth to a large number, of mainly Thai, Harley owners in the area. There were around 8 machines in stock in the wharehouse next to his printing plant. The business and Khun Pom have fostered a close nit group of owners and riders. Marco’s fuel problem was obvious to everybody on arrival and they unhesitatingly jumped on his bike and assumed responsibility for solving the problem;
    I must say that having read a number of comments about Harley owners on this and other forums, I have found the Khon Kaen guys, and these guys from Ubon, very open, friendly and more than happy to welcome sports bike and other riders. Maybe Thai guys have a different attitude in this respect, more power to them.
    They started up a couple of these bikes and it sounded like cross between a thunderclap and pack of angry wolves, excellent for waking up the whole neighbourhood on a Sunday morning’
    After the exchange of T shirts,
    Time then for Khun Bat to make sure his team were doing the right thing at the supermarket, they must of been because it was reported that sales were treble the normal weekend takings.

    After a late lunch outside the supermarket, and collection of Marco’s fixed bike, (the major problem was removing the fairing panels and later getting them back on correctly) he guided us to the local resort hotel which Khun Bat had booked. Rooms 1000 baht a night. Good rooms, pool and lovely quiet grounds, but well out of the town, although convenient for NEST and the supermarket.
    Following a couple of hours relaxation, we assembled at NEST again to find yet more Harley riders arriving,

    who all moved on to the local Smile restaurant. We have one of these in Khon Kaen. Good quality reasonably priced Thai and some western foods also.
    They had even printed a banner to welcome us on that date. Seemed to be quite an honour for only 4 of us.

    An excellent meal and a very sociable evening followed, which must of helped to improve my Thai a little, although maybe not when trying to sing ‘take me home country roads’ Every 20 minutes or so a distant rumble was heard growing to the thunderstorm again and another Harley rolled into the carpark. Never counted them all, but probably approaching 20, quite a display for a ‘poor Isaarn town’
    Next morning just about to leave when 40 minutes of rain interrupted departure, to sample Marco’s coffee.
    That was the last rain until after I reached home when a huge thunderstorm hit Khon Kaen. Definately worth going out even in the rainy season.
    Marco entertained us with stories and videos of his trips on the ships, even visiting Antarctica, and they pay him for cruising around the world.
    After a lunch stop in Roi Et, and a polite social call, at the Yamaha Square in Maha Sarakham,
    to meet the owner, (who has a Kawasaki shop next door and says he will be able to order Kawas at the same prices as BKK supply) its back to Khon Kaen.

    After washing my bike and rushing inside to miss the thunderstorm, I found a text from Khun Bat , saying thankyou very much for joining the ride, and a text from Marco saying thanks for calling in.
    Just a real feel good trip, with some new friends.
  4. Great stuff guys. Well done Marco and John.
    Great report and love the photos.

    I think I stayed at that resort a couple of years ago. Is it South of the town across the river?

    John, weel said about the Thai boys. I've ridden with Thais many times and yes I think you're correct that they have a different attitude.

    Are either of you considering coming to Pattaya for the "Care for Kids"?
  5. Morning Peter

    When is "care for kids"?

    My calender is quite open, but we plan to hit the road some time next week with missus and "explore" Tak area.

    Our plan is similar than we did by car last year and going round about border from Ubon to Nakhon Sakhon and all the way to golden Triangle towards to Tak and look border crossins in there.


    Say warm welcome to All your guys and it was my pleasure to give you guys "special" morning coffee...

    I have to say that HD guys have make difference to my mnd from i.e Europe, Thai or atleast most of them are very social with any one, but one bar in ubon as has this HD attitude as they post sign HD parking ONLY to they bar, have not tryed if "Other" bikes can parked there but has not seen any other bikes even there.

    But N.E.S.T guys seems to be genuinly helpfull and and it was quite intresting to not that after my bike was up and running there was telephone number exachange with missus and 2 service guys just incase i there wold be something to fix. Those guys are part of the Thai nationa EnduroMoto cross team and they are traveling around SEA for competing.

    Like so many times,, I didnt even know that this kind of group exisiting in ubon and with out KK riders khun bat, would mostlikely ever known them.

    Good luck for next weekend for Khao Yai and drive safe.
    Now you have "Correct" coordinates to my "Garage"LOL
  6. Hi Peter and Marco,
    Afraid full calender prevents me from getting down to Pattaya for that one, have fun, always do with the kids involved.
    The resort is as you say just over the river bridge, either a rather long Uturn or a Thai manouvere onto the wrong side of the carriageway for 100m, I will not say which one Marco led us on lol.

    Will make a quick post on my intended Khao Yai trip next Saturday in the appropriate section. Briefly, going to Yamaha Khorat for 9am ,meeting a few fast riders and going to Khao Yai, do not know much more than that at the moment, anyone who likes a quick trip welcome.
    Have a fun and safe tour Marco, and now it is confirmed as Ray23 knows ,that the pillion seat is designed for the photographer, great pics. Peter I am reading all the reports and pics of people already done our Dec trip and I am getting impatient. Cheers John
  7. Like John said picture taking for "Pillon" well let me intro my pillon. My dea wife behind the camera in may accosiations and events Khun Naiyana(Bee)
    Lady with the cam in her hand...

    Any how, we plan to heading to care for kids charity ride for Pattaya
  8. i hope i'll join your ride next time ...
  9. Good Morning PSS

    you are wolcome to join any time, since you are in KK John is riding almost 24/7 tag a long there.

    We are heading to road but honestly dont know where by next week, only thing is that are in 12th Sept in Pattaya for kids charity on 14th.
  10. Hi John
    Interesting trip report, I seem to miss all the good rides, hopefully I get down to Korat for a service and a few longer rides when I get back. Also got a strange inkling to buy a Harley? Don't think it would be able to keep up with the FJR though.
  11. Hi Jim,
    i am sure we can find more interesting rides when you get back, although the dramatic skies and tension caused by the will it or won't it rain, will probably have disappeared by then. Not sure if your Harley comment humour or serious, but the seats do look very comfortable, but maybe cruising range not so good, due to smallish tanks and heavy fuel consumption. However thats not a problem, because one likes to roar into petrol stations every 100km or so and command lots of admiring glances.
    The Harley shop in Ubon, I believe is not an official dealer, but have been told by two independant sources that it is the cheapest place in Thailand to buy a good one, did not see to many plates though.
  12. Hi John
    I am going to ride up and along the Mekong when I get back if you fancy it? You should be safe with your magic waterproofs, never seen anything like it. When I ride with you I stay dry, when I go my own way I get half drowned. I am actually serious about a Harley just not sure about the lack of performance, probably would use it if you were on your 650. Hopefully get the plate for the FZ1 next week. We have wi-fi on this old tub which is pretty good, I can sit in my cabin and look at the internet.
    P.S. everybody still looks like Borat in this place, black suit, winklepicker shoes, gold teeth with a rancid stench of cabbage.
  13. Hi Jim,
    I will respond by email to you on this one as we are moving a bit off the original trip report topic, and saves time for the pics to load each time J.

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